Friday, February 24, 2012

800m Repeats Fail

8x800m with 2:00 rest

3 mile warmup
4x800m with 2:00 rest in 2:41, 2:39, 2:39, 2:36
3 mile cool down

pm:  4 miles

Originally, I had planned to do 16x400m repeats on the track, but since Meagan had just done track work on Wednesday, I compromised and decided to do 800m repeats instead on the Dilworth Speed Loop.  Unfortunately, the weather was uncharacteristically warm and humid, so my legs felt heavy and sluggish on the warmup.  I figured that once I started the 800s, my body would recuperate and feel much better.

I was definitely wrong about that.

After the second 800m, both Meagan and I were breathing like we were racing a mile all out on the track.  In reality, we were just on the Dilworth Speed Loop, pathetically trying to finish an 800m workout at just under 5:20 pace.  In a way, I wish that Meagan would have felt better for her own sake, but we both felt like it was a death march and decided to call it a day after a measly four.  Yes, we could have slowed it down a bit, extended our rest, and just finished the second four repeats, but it just wasn't in us.

Instead of giving in to the fear of overtraining, doubt of my fitness, or any other negative self-doubt, both Meagan and I just put crossed this workout off the list, and moved on to the next one: our long run on Sunday.  After all, this is the first real week back to training for both of us, where we are hitting two solid workouts a week, plus a hard long run. Our bodies just were telling us to give them one more day to recover, and we did just that.


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