Sunday, February 12, 2012

(Engagement) Week in Review

~77 miles
2 Workouts
2 Doubles
16 Mile long run
2 Lifting Sessions
1 Engagement

This week was simply perfect.  I hit all of my workouts - 8 mile progression and 7x1000m repeats - and I got to see my, fiancee!  Since we all know how much I love my cat Cicero, it was only fitting that Garrett would incorporate my kitty into the proposal.  On the way back from my Lululemon run on Saturday morning, he called me to say that he had just given Cicero his Valentine's Day present.  That's cool, I said.  I got home a couple minutes later, and he was holding Cicero (indeed, he was mostly restraining Cicero from sprinting away with the ring).  He told me to look at the collar he got Cicero.  I barely glanced at it because I knew Cicero hates collars.  Then he kept prodding me, telling me to check out the bell that was included.  I was even less interested at that point, because I didn't want to hear Cicero ringing all around the house as he runs up and down the stairs.  Finally, mainly due to Garrett's enthusiasm, I moved in towards the collar to give it a good look, and there was the ring!

Garrett didn't get down on one knee and I didn't bawl my eyes out.  Instead, I just got a little teary eyed and asked if that was his way of proposing.  He said joyfully, YES!  A little while later I think he actually asked to marry me, and I don't even know if I said yes.  He knew the answer already.'

The next two hours were spent calling our family members and close friends.  Then, I finalized this fancy video that I had worked on the night before (yes I had an inkling he would propose this weekend) so that I could tell people in the virtual world.

The engagement weekend was indeed slightly bittersweet because this is Garrett's last weekend in Charlotte before he heads off for Spring Training.  Regardless, in the next seven months while he's gone, I can plan our wedding and train a ton so that I can win as many prize money races as possible to pay for our wedding in Winston-Salem.  Oh - and save the date for December 29th, because that's when we're getting married!


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