Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week in Review

65 Miles
2 Workouts
13 mile long run
2 Doubles
2 Lifting Sessions
4 Ab Circuits

I realized this week how much more time I have when running 65 Miles a week.  Don't get me wrong, running 65 miles is an amazing accomplishment for any runner, fast or slow, but of course it's less of a time commitment than 90 miles.  In fact, since I got in two doubles this week, I only had to run 4 miles on Saturday, which left me plenty of time to bake two different types of cupcakes:  chocolate PB and also hostess cupcakes.

In the early part of the week, I spent every minute, that I wasn't at work or on a run, writing the February Charlotte Runner newsletter.  For those of you who may take the newsletter for granted, please don't.  I dedicated at least 30 hours over the past two weeks to transfer the newsletter onto a new software, Apple iPages.  This massive reconstruction meant I had to insert new links, create new layouts, and write more columns.  I also realized that the newsletter would be much more interesting if we recruited some of Charlotte's best writers to be guest columnists.  Between acting as a graphic designer and Editor in Chief, my night schedule was filled through Friday.  Fortunately, as much as I may have just complained, I truly am passionate about this kind of stuff and am excited about the new format.  (Note:  If you aren't happy with the newsletter, then suck it up.  No, just kidding...please send me some feedback).

When I wasn't writing the newsletter and baking cupcakes, I mustered a couple of low key workouts.  I did a 5 mile tempo, purely on effort, on Tuesday and completed 12x1 minute on Friday.  After the Friday workout, I didn't stretch as much as I should have prior to sitting at a desk for the next four hours and I definitely paid for it later.  I had trouble walking around and limped painfully through the parking garage to Trader Joe's.  Fortunately, Dr. Greenapple told me not to fret and that it was probably just some after effects of the numerous exercises I completed on Thursday evening.  As much as I'd like to cheat, I've been sticking to the plan of lifting and doing abs regularly.  I've got a major weakness in my left hip/glute area and to get to that next level, I need to get it under control.  Pre-hab is the key for the next four years.


Anonymous said...

The newsletter rocked!

Allen said...

I appreciate all the work you're putting into the newsletter! Thanks!

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