Sunday, February 8, 2015

Blogs Don't Get Updated When You Work and Study

I really did have a goal to keep this blog updated after I got back from Santiago.  Well, I underestimated the amount of time my third Fuqua MBA term would take from me.  Between travelling to Charlotte for work and wrestling 30-page strategy papers along with a confusing finance team assignment, it's been a bit rough.  I've somehow managed to still cook dinner for two every to fuel me during my crazy schedule, but it's been a tight squeeze.  Running continues to be my outlet, my source of freedom and fun...a time to unwind and forget (for a short bit at least) about all the stuff that's on my plate.  And I'm not complaining - I love every minute of this - but I do have to prioritize the things I do now in my spare time and unfortunately updating my blog is not one of them.

From a running front, I ran 60 miles over the week of January 26th and then 70 miles this past week.  I even threw in a couple of workouts (200m repeats and a 5 mile progression tempo) and a 16 mile long run. Overall, I'm feeling really good and I'm hopeful to win some good prize money this year to continue handing over to Duke for tuition.  Things are looking good!

My race schedule is as follows:
March 7 - NC USATF 10k Champs
March 15 - Tobacco Road Half
March 28 - Cooper River Bridge Run
April 6 - 20 - Dubai and Delhi for Term 4
May 16 - Brooklyn Half
May 30 - NC USATF 8k Champs