I first learned about Bonk Breaker when Justin Breland at Try Sports gave me a bag of free goodies.  In it was the Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip bar, which is now my all-time favorite.  Little did I know that after running Twin Cities that Bonk Breaker would be kind enough to have me as a part of their team.  Over the past couple of months, the company has added three new flavors to its line of bars, and I can't wait to try to the new Blueberry Oat.  These bars are great for helping get your energy back after a long run and refilling your glycogen stores.  To further solidify them as a great brand, they accepted my best friend and training partner, Meagan Nedlo, into their Team Bonk Breaker.  Now we're energy bar twins!

Honey Stinger is my go-to product during a marathon.  I tried the typical gels out there and found them to be too sweet and fake.  They tasted like they were full of all sorts of unhealthy ingredients, so I decided to search for another option.  After a simple google search for "All natural energy gels", I found Honey Stinger.  Not only did it sound simple and sweet, but it tasted good!  I immediately requested to be a part of their team so I that I could use their products in my debut marathon.  My favorite flavors are the Gold and Chocolate Energy Gels as well as the Pink Lemonade and Cherry Blossom energy chews.