Sunday, July 17, 2016

Week in Review

70 Miles
11.3M MLR
13.1M with 6 x mile repeats at 542, 541, 537, 538, 539, 535 with 60s jog rest
10M with 4 sets of (3 x 60s on /off) with 2-2:30-3 jog between sets
14.2M long with last 2 mile at 620, 558
4 Days in Denver for Wilmore Reunion

After a couple of weeks at lower mileage, it was refreshing to hit 70 miles, especially since I was in Denver for 4 days. For the second week in a row, I modified a workout for the week, indicating that my body is ready for a nice taper leading into the SF half.  The paces were still solid and I still got in all the work, including minuters while at 6500FT in Denver.  Surprisingly, the altitude didn't affect me unless I was running uphill or faster.  I was VERY glad to have extra rest in between sets on the minuter workout and that it was FLAT.  Matt was such a great host and ran with me every day except for one, and I can forgive him for that because he was probably pretty hungover.  I could definitely live in Denver because it's a fun city full of lots of vegetarian restaurants, plus it has two of my best guys friends who call it home. :)

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Week in Review

57 Miles
6 Runs
16M with last 10 miles at 650, 637, 624, 612, 607, 556, 554, 558, 602, 601, 633
2 Days off
2 Days camping in Yosemite

This week I did something that in the past I probably would have never done: I didn't run for two days because I wanted to camp instead.  I'm so much more balanced now and making decisions based on if they make me feel happy and SO alive.  The past six weeks of great training and a busy social life is finally catching up with me, both mentally and physically.  My legs were really tired on Thursday, and I mentally didn't have the capacity to process doing 8 x 1 mile repeats.  So instead I decided to knock out my long run and turned it into a progression run based on feel.  I was really happy with how fast I was able to close out the run, especially considering that for the last five days, I've really been struggling with some GI issues.  My stomach has been absolutely killing me, so much that I questioned if I have Crohn's disease like my brother.  My stomach finally calmed down once we got to Yosemite (thank god!).

The rest of the weekend Peter and I backcountry camped at Yosemite, with our tent overlooking Half Dome.  It was the first time I've ever camped at Yosemite and it was even more wonderful than I could have imagined! We didn't see anyone but one person on the hike out to the campground.  We also go a wilderness permit so we could camp wherever we wanted. It was awesome!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Week in Review

78 Miles
11.5M with 16 x 200m repeats at 35-39, 200m jog rest
14M with 3 x 2.5M @ 547, 539, 247, 2:30 jog, 543, 540, 247, 2:30 jog, 537, 542, 247 
15M Long Run in Oakland Hills
3 Days in Oakland

Woohoo! What a great week - highest mileage since who knows when (maybe a year?) and lots of time spent with my sister.  Seriously, what a great week.  I had so much fun.  The workouts were tough, but I've continued to kill the workouts even though I'm solo. I've been super busy with my social life, visitors and travel schedule, but it's been 100% worth it.  The 3 x 2.5M workout this week was super solid and I was really happy to run such quick times while being completely solo.  My sister and I hung out in Mountain View on Thursday before heading to SF for a night and Oakland for the remainder of the holiday weekend.  We basically spent a ton of time hanging out with lots of rad ladies and eating really good food.  Laurie and Mark hosted us and Vanessa and I hung out with their son Jackson, who calls us "auntie" and melts my heart every time he jumps in the bed to wake me up.  We did some yoga where we cleared out the negative energy within us (for that day) by chanting and swinging our arms back to throw it behind!  So fun.