Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week in Review

60 Miles
200m Workout
5k Race in 16:42
10 mile long run

This was a bit of a down week with the race and shorter workout.  Not much else to report except that I'm still in shape despite the lower mileage.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Beat the Heat 5k

#1 - Run sub 16:40
#2 - Be in the top 2
#3 - Win

3 mile warmup
5k race in 16:42, 1st place, $1000
Splits of 510, 534, 525
3 mile cool down

4 weeks behind on my blog, so here it is:

  • Really proud to win on Wake Forest turf
  • Really happy to finally break 17:00 on this course. 
  • I didn't have a road 5k PR today but I was really pleased to run that time with not many people in front of me to push me
  • Was really happy to have Amanda finish 2nd in a final kick
  • Nice to see I still can run a 5:10 mile ha
  • Video Interview

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Duke Track with Amanda and Billy

10 miles total with 3 x (600m @ 155-56 (200m jog) - 400m @ 76 (200m jog) - 200m @ 35 (200m jog) 400m rest between sets

3 + miles warmup
600m-400m-200m times with (rest)
155 (69) 76 (65) 35 (2:07)
154 (67) 76 (68) 35 (2:21)
154 (73) 74 (76) 35
2.7 mile cool down for ~ 9.8 miles total

Today Billy, Amanda and I laced up our flats for some more fun on the (squishy) Duke track.  A deep fog spanned across the track, covering us with a blanket of thick, wet air.  Maybe that's why I felt so terrible today.  Billy and I had a different workout than Amanda so we got going before she started her 1000m repeats.  The workout today was short and I thought that I would nail it effortlessly.  Instead, both Billy and I felt pretty tired.  Even though we hit the times, it felt like I was trying for a much faster time.  I was glad that I was able to push through even when my legs felt like lead weights in the water.  

Fortunately, I have Beat the Heat in just three days, which allows plenty of time for the legs to start feeling a bit more frisky.  I am really excited for this race since it's at Wake Forest and the start line is literally right outside the football stadium and where we had several student-athlete semi-formals.  As always, there's a solid group of women coming to compete and I hope some fast times can be posted.  Not going to lie though, I'd love to stand on the top of the podium as a proud Demon Deacon!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Week in Review

67 Miles
2 Track Workouts
14M Long Run
0 Days Off
1 Double

My mileage is finally getting up into digits that are more respectable for a runner who's not even injured. What's been most remarkable this week is that I had company for every single run.  I ran with Amanda three out of the seven days, which is pretty amazing considering I was in Charlotte for three of those days!  It is beginning to look like Amanda is my Laurie replacement as she lives almost the exact same distance away from me as Laurie did in Charlotte.

Right now, the most social parts of my day are during my runs.  Outside of that, I don't have much social interaction.  I went from having constant interaction with my Charlotte roommates, friends and co-workers to having practically none!  To make matters worse, Garrett just left on Friday morning for a three-week trek on the John Muir Trail, where he won't have access to the outside world for that entire period.  That first night of solitude was great.  After 24 hours, however, I was totally over it.  If I were working in the Charlotte office, I wouldn't feel nearly as lonely because of the social interaction that comes from office banter.  But, I'm not in Charlotte.  I'm in either my home office or on the 9th floor of University Tower, where I sit in a secretary's desk from 1985 and people ask me if I know when the printer is getting fixed.  Regardless, it's been a great learning experience for me and I'm glad that I have lots of Duke homework to keep me plenty and my hopes up.  As a side note, I know understand why people have kids. It keeps you going all the time, that's for sure!

Next week, I've got Beat the Heat on tap, followed by the Sir Walter Miler in Raleigh.  I'm hoping to run side-by-side with Amanda for both of those for as long as possible.  I am really excited to return to Wake Forest next weekend to represent my school in the local race!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

200m Repeats with Amanda and Billy

10-12 miles with track workout of 3200m cutdown tempo, cutting down each 800 (3:00, 2:56, 2:52, 2:48) - easy 3:30 jog - 8 x 200 @ 36-37 with 200m float (no slower than 60s).

34 minutes warmup for ~4.6 miles
3200m in 11:36 via 90, 90, 85, 90, (mile in 5:56) 85, 86, 83, 83,
3:34 jog rest for ~ 600m
200s w/ 200m jog via 36 (55), 36 (55), 34 (57), 36 (56), 35 (59), 35 (58), 35, (56), 36
~3.3 cool down for ~ 12 miles total

Remember how last week I said that Billy was going to be a recurring character in my training life?  Well, I've just added another one to the mix!  Amanda LoPiccolo just so happens to live less than 2 miles away from me and also has the exact same two races next on her schedule (AND she's a chiropractor!).  We've teamed up to push each other and run faster!  I really lucked out in my location for living here because of that.

Even though I've only been here for three weeks, somehow I found myself at the track introducing two Durhamites to each other.  After Billy and Amanda officially knew each on a first name basis, we went about our business to do the workout.  

Billy and I worked together by alternating leads every 800m during the 3200m interval.  It didn't feel hard, which is no surprise, since it was slower than my half marathon pace.  However, once we hit the track with Amanda to do the 200s, I immediately knew why Terry had said the focus of the workout was the 200s and not the 3200m.  Amanda and I took the lead for the first couple and I realized that I had forgotten how you're supposed to run on the tucking in and letting the leader do the work.  Then you rotate, and repeat.  I promise I used to be good at that (just ask my Wake teammates!) but somehow it felt awkward and unnatural.  Not because I didn't trust Billy or Amanda to do a perfect pace, but because it felt like we suddenly weren't helping each other as much.  I guess on roads, training for a marathon, I'm used to running side-by-side next to Laurie in a workout, not sitting on her ass waiting to kick.  If I'm doing this whole speed thing for the next couple of weeks (or months) then I better get used to it!

All that being said, it was a good workout.  It was great to have Amanda there to push me as she definitely has some wheels.  All three of us are doing Beat the Heat next weekend so I'm hoping that we can all work together to pound out a 5k at a quick pace.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Track Reunion in Charlotte

1600 (3:30 rest) - 4 x 400 (60s rest, 3:00 after #4) - 1200* (3:00 rest) - 2 x 200 (60s rest). targets: 1600 in 5:15-5:20, 400s in 76, 1200 in 3:51-3:55, 200s in 36-37 

20 min warmup
5:15 (600m in 3:31)
75 (200m in 66)
77 (59)
76 (60)
76 (400m jog plus water 2:49)
3:54 (400m jog plus water 2:52)
36 (200m in 62)
1.3 mile cool down for ~8 miles total

pm: 3.6 miles for 11.6 miles total for day 

This week I headed to Charlotte for a couple of days to help lead an all-day planning session at work. Laurie and Nathan were kind enough to host both Garrett and me during our stay, so it was no surprise that Laurie and I decided to do this workout together.  We went to Providence Day's newly remodeled track and had the extra company of Billy and Caleb for this.

Everything went as planned and I felt really smooth on all the intervals.  Caleb stayed right with me through most of this, which helped tremendously.  Since Laurie has the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon this week, she held back a tad.  I am really excited to put all this speed to the test at the Beat the Heath 5k! 

In the evening, I did a nice social double with Aaron, Michelle, Nick and Garrett biking.  It's tough coming to Charlotte since I still feel like it's home, even though I don't have a physical home there.  

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Week in Review

62 Miles
1 Track Workout
13 mile long run with 2 miles @ 555 pace
0 Doubles
0 Days Off

This is my second week in Durham and I'm beginning to see more of the DRM running scene.  Billy and I did the majority of our runs together this week and I know that he'll have a strong impact on my performances this fall.  I really appreciate his company.

This also marked the first week where my shoulder and neck finally were pain free so I was able to run over 60 miles this week.  I feel pretty good about where things are going, even though I have absolutely no plan for the fall yet.  I know the next three weeks but after that, it's all a gray area.

At this point, I'm looking at either the Philly RNR Half, the USA 5k Champs, or the Chicago marathon.  I need to email those folks, but we shall see.  I would like to do NYC marathon with Laurie, but I have an MBA residency in China from October 16-27 or something like that so it wouldn't fit well with the date.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Duke Track Workout

9-12 total with track workout: 1200, 3x400, 3x300, 3x200

1200m @5k pace (shoot for a few seconds faster than 4:00)
4:00 rest (can jog or do whatever you need to cool off / stay loose, etc..
3 x 400 @ 79-80 with 200m jog. Take 400m after the 3rd 400
3 x 300 @ 57 or faster with 100m jog between and 400m jog after the 3rd 300
3 x 200 @ 37 or faster with 200m jog.

3.2 mile warmup at Duke Sally Meyerhoff Trail with Billy
1200m in 3:55 via 81, 77, 77  (3:28 600m jog)
77 (67 200m jog)
77 (64 jog)
77 (2:45 400m jog)
55 (32 100m jog)
56 (32 jog)
56 (2:34 400m jog)
35 (59 200m jog)
36 (57)
2.5 mile cool down for almost 10 miles.

At 6AM, I met my new best friend Billy Askey at the gravel lot near the Duke Track and Al Beuhler trail.  I didn't think I'd have anyone for this workout and he came out of the woodwork to join me.  I was in luck!  

Today was a stark contrast to last week, where I felt tired and stiff and ultimately had to call the workout short due to a jacked up shoulder.  While the shoulder isn't 100% quite yet, it's at that point where it's not as debilitating.   With the clouds looming over and the muggy air smothering our lungs, we began the descent down the stairs into the Duke stadium, ready to hit the start line.

At the start line, I doubted whether I'd be able to hit the times that Terry had prescribed. It's funny how quickly things can change.  After 400m, I knew that the workout was going to go well and that I would hit times faster than that.  Sure enough we did.  I took charge on leading the pace and Billy set in directly behind me on my right shoulder.  We made circles around the track in perfect cadence and finished feeling satisfied with our effort. 

I also know that Billy and I will likely get in a lot of miles over the next several weeks...up until he has his first baby!  So happy to have found someone to do some workouts with.  

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Week in Review

39 Miles
5 Runs
2 Days Off
1 Workout
1 Jacked up Shoulder / Neck

I'm an official resident of Durham.  The US Postal Service sent my official "change of address" correspondence to my new house, situated perfectly in the middle of Hope Valley Country Club.  So nothing was about to stop me from jumping right into the Triangle Running scene.  I created a Facebook group for us to post impromptu runs and networked.

I started the week off with a run with Kyle Feldman, a mutual friend of Liz and Meagan's.  Then I ran again with Billy Askey on Tuesday.  I ended my social running streak on Wednesday, when I decided to take my parents to Duke for a run while I knocked out some 200s on the Duke track.  Everything went as planned (running 36-40 with 200m jog rest) until the 12th interval, when a nagging pain that I had been easily ignoring at night turned into a full blow strain (or something) and I had to stop.  I wish that I could say that I had to stop due to a running related injury, but, no, it wasn't.  I had to stop, almost reduced to tears the pain was so bad (which is rare for me as my husband has only seen me cry three times in the last seven years).  I asked my dad to massage it for me, hoping that I could at least finish out another set of four.  But after attempting a stride, I knew that getting a cool down in would be futile.
The rest of week was spent trying to get my shoulder to calm down while enjoying the beautiful weather in Hendersonville with my family.  We got in several great hikes and ate lots of fabulous food.  In the end, my shoulder pain appeared to be getting better before regressing again on Saturday night.  I was able to get a massage from Joel Tull on the way back from Asheville, so that seemed to help a good amount but I know it won't be enough.  I'll try to get in with a PT or  chiro tomorrow, but where's Dr. Greenapple when I need him? The hardest part about moving to a new town is not knowing your medical practitioners well enough to get in quick.  I hope this goes away in the next couple of days so that I get some good speed work in before Beat the Heat 5k.