Saturday, July 19, 2014

200m Repeats with Amanda and Billy

10-12 miles with track workout of 3200m cutdown tempo, cutting down each 800 (3:00, 2:56, 2:52, 2:48) - easy 3:30 jog - 8 x 200 @ 36-37 with 200m float (no slower than 60s).

34 minutes warmup for ~4.6 miles
3200m in 11:36 via 90, 90, 85, 90, (mile in 5:56) 85, 86, 83, 83,
3:34 jog rest for ~ 600m
200s w/ 200m jog via 36 (55), 36 (55), 34 (57), 36 (56), 35 (59), 35 (58), 35, (56), 36
~3.3 cool down for ~ 12 miles total

Remember how last week I said that Billy was going to be a recurring character in my training life?  Well, I've just added another one to the mix!  Amanda LoPiccolo just so happens to live less than 2 miles away from me and also has the exact same two races next on her schedule (AND she's a chiropractor!).  We've teamed up to push each other and run faster!  I really lucked out in my location for living here because of that.

Even though I've only been here for three weeks, somehow I found myself at the track introducing two Durhamites to each other.  After Billy and Amanda officially knew each on a first name basis, we went about our business to do the workout.  

Billy and I worked together by alternating leads every 800m during the 3200m interval.  It didn't feel hard, which is no surprise, since it was slower than my half marathon pace.  However, once we hit the track with Amanda to do the 200s, I immediately knew why Terry had said the focus of the workout was the 200s and not the 3200m.  Amanda and I took the lead for the first couple and I realized that I had forgotten how you're supposed to run on the tucking in and letting the leader do the work.  Then you rotate, and repeat.  I promise I used to be good at that (just ask my Wake teammates!) but somehow it felt awkward and unnatural.  Not because I didn't trust Billy or Amanda to do a perfect pace, but because it felt like we suddenly weren't helping each other as much.  I guess on roads, training for a marathon, I'm used to running side-by-side next to Laurie in a workout, not sitting on her ass waiting to kick.  If I'm doing this whole speed thing for the next couple of weeks (or months) then I better get used to it!

All that being said, it was a good workout.  It was great to have Amanda there to push me as she definitely has some wheels.  All three of us are doing Beat the Heat next weekend so I'm hoping that we can all work together to pound out a 5k at a quick pace.


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