Sunday, July 13, 2014

Week in Review

62 Miles
1 Track Workout
13 mile long run with 2 miles @ 555 pace
0 Doubles
0 Days Off

This is my second week in Durham and I'm beginning to see more of the DRM running scene.  Billy and I did the majority of our runs together this week and I know that he'll have a strong impact on my performances this fall.  I really appreciate his company.

This also marked the first week where my shoulder and neck finally were pain free so I was able to run over 60 miles this week.  I feel pretty good about where things are going, even though I have absolutely no plan for the fall yet.  I know the next three weeks but after that, it's all a gray area.

At this point, I'm looking at either the Philly RNR Half, the USA 5k Champs, or the Chicago marathon.  I need to email those folks, but we shall see.  I would like to do NYC marathon with Laurie, but I have an MBA residency in China from October 16-27 or something like that so it wouldn't fit well with the date.


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