Sunday, March 26, 2017

Week in Review

50 Miles
8M with 4 x mile repeats at 549, 548, 550, 547 wiht 60s jog rest
14M with 10 miles at 644 - 620 pace with Max

I can tell that I'm finally starting to get back into shape again. I was really pleased that I was able to knock out a solid long run with Max on Saturday.  While it definitely felt much harder than it normally would, I held my own just fine.  There really isn't much to report except that I've been doing yoga, lifting weights, and rock climbing once a week to ensure that I stay healthy.  Gearing up for the Bay to Breakers race in May!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week in Review

44 Miles
1 day off
3 miles "on feel" tempo via 638/624/612
3x lifting
12.3M MLR

Not much to report this week except that I didn't do many hard workouts.  I did ramp up my long run so now I'm back into normal medium long run territory.  Most importantly, I hosted Merry for two nights and we had a blast touring San Francisco and running around the area.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Week in Review

44 miles
4 x 1.5M with Boston sub-3:00 guys
8.3M long run

I'm just a couple weeks into coming back from my achilles injury, so right now I'm running with Howard, Tom and Abhijeet in their workouts.  I really like hopping in with these guys because it gives me a way to still get some work in while also providing pacing and encouraging words.  This week was no exception and we hit Baylands park bright and early for 4 x 1.5M repeats with the first mile around 10s faster than MP, and the 800m at 10K pace.  We hit the following times, and I hung back with Howard:

633/259 (2:00)
639/258 (2:00)
629/259 (1:59)

Looking forward to more runs with these guys in the coming weeks!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Week in Review

37 miles total
6 days running / 1 day off
1 lifting session / 5+ days of PT exercises
4 days in Plano, TX
2 days in San Diego, CA

Now that my work project is really picking up, I am in complete awe of Sarah Cummings, who managed to run 100+ mile weeks while working at Goldman Sachs and now at Blackrock.  I'm not even working as many hours as Sarah typically does and I'm completely wiped out.  At the office in Texas, I'm constantly at my laptop, furiously testing features and walking back and forth between the tech and testing teams.  It's nonstop, and I love it.  But it's definitely hard to find the motivation to workout, mostly because the running routes absolutely suck.  In Plano, you're either running through a concrete jungle in a corporate park, sliding through horse manure on grass alongside a busy highway, or dodging cars while running on the shoulder of a road.

Despite the unfortunate hazards associated with running in this poorly planned town, I did managed to get in a workout of 2 x 2 miles on a windy Wednesday.  I hit faster times than I was expecting, especially for being solo, which left me feeling confident that I'm on a road to recovery and will get into shape rather quickly.

I was bummed that I only got to get in one lifting session this week, but it was just the nature of the beast.  With a crazy work week, and just one day at home before flying back out to San Diego for fun, I'll take it.  Right now, my biggest thing is not gaining weight because I definitely ate out for basically 2 meals a day for practically this entire week.  SIGH!