Sunday, March 12, 2017

Week in Review

44 miles
4 x 1.5M with Boston sub-3:00 guys
8.3M long run

I'm just a couple weeks into coming back from my achilles injury, so right now I'm running with Howard, Tom and Abhijeet in their workouts.  I really like hopping in with these guys because it gives me a way to still get some work in while also providing pacing and encouraging words.  This week was no exception and we hit Baylands park bright and early for 4 x 1.5M repeats with the first mile around 10s faster than MP, and the 800m at 10K pace.  We hit the following times, and I hung back with Howard:

633/259 (2:00)
639/258 (2:00)
629/259 (1:59)

Looking forward to more runs with these guys in the coming weeks!


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