Sunday, May 28, 2017

(Down) Week in Review

30 Miles
3 Days off
10M "long run"
2 days in LA

In an effort to ensure the knee doesn't flare up even more, Terry and I agreed to take three days off.  I also lifted twice this week, as I want to be sure to strengthen the quad and other tendons that attach around the knee cap.  I've never dealt with an injury to the kneecap, so I'm not sure what exercises would help it exactly, but I figure the general lifting exercises I already do can't hurt.

I flew out to LA this weekend to see my sister for a little bit before heading to Peter's sister's graduation from high school.  It was nice to run around the Bolsa Chica wetlands near my sister before heading up to Pacific Palisades for some graduation fun.  Not too much happened this week.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Bay to Breakers (Week in Review)

46 Miles
7M workout fail
11M MLR with Meagan
1 day off
12K Race in 43:49 for 10th place overall with splits of 540, 555, 635, 603, 542, 530, 530, 2:29

This week was highlighted by both positive and negative things. Let's start first with the negative:

  1. After flying to Dallas for work, my kneecap felt terrible. Now I can feel it slightly when I run, and feel it even more when I run faster and get more leg lift.  It was definitely a bummer that my knee hurt after trying to straighten while sitting on the plane. 
  2. I completely bailed on my target 4 x 1.5M workout in Plano.  I did 2 miles of work and then threw in the towel.  I really, really want to be able to race and finish the Bay to Breakers race, so I decided it would be okay to be a wimp and to save my energy (and keep the knee strong) by bailing on the workout.
Now, on to the positive:
  1. I ran my first Bay to Breakers race and I was the second bay area female resident to finish!  I was hoping for first, but I think that one woman may have lied about where she *actually* lives.  Regardless, the race was incredible!  Peter and I got to start our first race together, I ran alongside Heather on the Hayes Street Hill, and I was able to snag some prize money in the process!  I hope to run this race every single year because it encapsulates the heart and soul of the city!
  2. My knee held up during the race! It was a little sore afterwards, but Terry and I decided to take a couple days off since we still have over 9 weeks until the SF Half.  

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Week in Review

63 Miles
11M with 4 x mile repeats at 545 (54 for 200m rest), 543 (80s for 300m rest), 539 (80 for 300m rest), 531
10.3M MLR
13.4M with 15x1 min on/ 2 min moderate for 7.4 miles in 6:04 average

On Tuesday of this week, I was still battling jet lag.  I really felt this dread that it would take a month to get over the dead feeling in my legs and my increased rate heart.  The mile repeats workout on Tuesday was good in that I got something in, but bad in that I felt terrible the whole time.  I wouldn't have guessed that just 4 days later I would have a long run that would make me think - oh! you're actually in decent shape.  The unexpected great ones are simply the best...I went in with absolutely no expectations and came out really pleased and excited about where my fitness is heading!

My knee did randomly start hurting midweek, but only when I walk down stairs.  I haven't felt it walking or running, but I'm nervous because it's near the top of my knee cap and if it hurts when I go downstairs, it's got to be inevitable that it will eventually hurt while running.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Week 2 in Europe

45 Miles
2 Days off
14M easy long run
3 days in Zurich
lots of jetlag

Nothing much to this week except that traveling back to California absolutely sucked.  It's way harder to adjust back to the time difference if you have to go straight to work and you don't get to sleep 14 hours (like I did the first night we arrived in Europe).  It's been a real struggle running the latter half of this week because my legs just feel dead.  My breathing also feels completely off.  I don't really get it.

Regardless, I'm super fortunate and grateful to have the means to travel to Europe and to be exposed to so many different cultures.  So happy that I was able to take this trip with Peter and Claire!!


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