Sunday, May 21, 2017

Bay to Breakers (Week in Review)

46 Miles
7M workout fail
11M MLR with Meagan
1 day off
12K Race in 43:49 for 10th place overall with splits of 540, 555, 635, 603, 542, 530, 530, 2:29

This week was highlighted by both positive and negative things. Let's start first with the negative:

  1. After flying to Dallas for work, my kneecap felt terrible. Now I can feel it slightly when I run, and feel it even more when I run faster and get more leg lift.  It was definitely a bummer that my knee hurt after trying to straighten while sitting on the plane. 
  2. I completely bailed on my target 4 x 1.5M workout in Plano.  I did 2 miles of work and then threw in the towel.  I really, really want to be able to race and finish the Bay to Breakers race, so I decided it would be okay to be a wimp and to save my energy (and keep the knee strong) by bailing on the workout.
Now, on to the positive:
  1. I ran my first Bay to Breakers race and I was the second bay area female resident to finish!  I was hoping for first, but I think that one woman may have lied about where she *actually* lives.  Regardless, the race was incredible!  Peter and I got to start our first race together, I ran alongside Heather on the Hayes Street Hill, and I was able to snag some prize money in the process!  I hope to run this race every single year because it encapsulates the heart and soul of the city!
  2. My knee held up during the race! It was a little sore afterwards, but Terry and I decided to take a couple days off since we still have over 9 weeks until the SF Half.  


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