Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January in Review

So after the month of December, I was proud of myself for "holding back" and doing "moderate" workouts.  If there is anything that I learned from last spring when I truly took running easy, it's that down time is extremely important.  I got a little too excited in December and started doing workouts too soon.  I also thought that rock climbing would replace the need to lift weights, and I was wrong.  Halfway through January, I had a solid week of training, including a long run effort, running hard on the uphills.  Immediately following that run, I spent three hours in high heels, dancing in celebration of my sister's birthday.  After that, I went hiking / trail running at Big Basin, which caused my achilles to flare up.  Mind you, it was never actually painful, but considering that this is my third time dealing with this injury, I was super cautious.  After a couple of cautious runs, I eventually caved and shut things down.  After all, I'd rather take time off now rather than six months later when I'm training to qualify for the 2020 Trials Marathon.

So while I felt like things were really coming together in the first half of the month, I hit the pause button on training for the latter half.  My goal has been to walk a lot and lift twice a week so that I can gain the strength back to keep this injury away.

Week of January 2 - 67 miles total
  • 12M with 12 x 400m with 90s jog rest via 78-76 with Laura in pouring down rain
  • 12M MLR
  • 14M Long Run with 7 miles steady state (640)
  • 0 Days off

Week of January 9 - 70 miles total
  • 12M with 8x1000m 3:31-3:42 with 60s jog rest 
  • 15M Long Run
  • 13M at Canada Road running hard on the uphills
  • 0 Days off

Week of January 16 - 38 miles total

  • 1 day of hiking
  • 10M with 4 x mile at 612, 607, 601, 557 with 60s jog rest
  • 2 Days off for achilles
  • 1 day of lifting

Week of January 24 - 4M total, achilles
  • 6 days off for achilles
  • 2 Days of Lifting
  • 2 Days in Austin
  • 2 Days of rock climbing