Friday, July 31, 2015

5M Tempo with Billy

5 miles tempo with several options depending on how I feel
1) 630 - 640 pace
2) 630 pace for first mile, and then progression down to 610 for last mile
3) 630 pace for first mile and then 610 pace for rest of run

11 miles total with 5 mile tempo at 609 average
2.7 mile warmup
5 miles via 625, 616, 613, 600, 553
3.3 mile warmup

What a relief to have a successful workout! The goal here wasn't to hit a specific time, but more to finish feeling good about myself. I'm sure that in a couple of weeks I'll be feeling just like my normal self.  This is the main reason why I love running: it's always a process and it challenges me to keep my chin up even when my body isn't responding positively all the time. I'm on the rebound to feel good again in my workouts and I'm predicting this rebound will coincide with the change in temperature as we adjust to the fall season.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

(Unwanted Down) Week in Review

58 Miles
8 x 400m Repeats
2 Races That I bailed out of

This week was a coach-imposed down week.  After struggling through mini-workouts last week, it was time to press the brakes and back off a bit from training. My body was sending every single signal that it needed a break, so I did just that.  I also decided to back out of my one of my favorite races in North Carolina - the Beat the Heat 5k.  It was a tough decision, but I knew I wasn't physically or mentally prepared to dig deep and hurt really hard to compete at my highest level.

This week I basically just ran easy run after attempting a 8 x 400m workout.  It just was too much effort to do anything more than get in 60 minutes of running.  Ultimately, this is definitely the right decision because I don't want to push the limits so much that I end up with the always dreaded Over Training Syndrome.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week in Review

65 Miles
3 Mile Tempo Run Fail
5x800m Repeats

Something is definitely wrong.  I feel like crap on every. single. run.  This is why people have a love / hate relationship with running.  Sometimes a switch is flipped and a streak of great running turns into a streak of days...weeks...(even months!) of really, really shitty running.  And there's nothing you can do about it.  I'm crossing my fingers that it won't last more than a few weeks.  And I'm very fortunate because I'm not actually injured. I'm just exhausted. I'm sure the last three terms of school have caught up to me. It's been four months since I've had more than a week break from schoolwork.

Just to show you how this week was just off:  my 3 mile tempo run was slower than my marathon race pace.  My heart rate was completely off the charts after completing 5 x 800m repeats.  The sickness must have been more serious than I thought and now I'm just feeling it physically.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

(Sick) Week in Review

45 Miles
6x200m repeats at 40
10M "long run" fail

Remember how excited I was about my running last week?  Well that just turned to poo as soon as I stepped back onto US soil.  I felt a tickle in my throat when I was leaving Istanbul and I immediately went into I'll-do-anything-to-not-get-sick mode, which included, but was not limited to:  taking zicam four times a day, drinking what's gotta be at least two gallons of water a day, running slower, running shorter, and sleeping as much as a possible.

It didn't work.

The snot, mucus, sore throat all hit me full force later this week. I thought for sure it would go away, but it's Sunday night and I got 11 hours of sleep last night and somehow there is more junk in my respiratory system than there was two days ago.  I kid you not, I blew about 37 snot rockets on a 45 minute run this weekend.  How is all of that in me?

So yeah.  This week was tough. I was jet lagged. I wasn't used to the time difference.  I had an accounting midterm.  I had Bank of America work to catch up on.  I wanted running to be the one thing that made me feel great. But instead it was just like I was burying myself deeper into my summer cold.

I can only hope that next week will be better, but my guess is that it will take me a little while to get over this thing.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Week in Review (Term 5 Istanbul Residency)

50 Miles
0 Days off
6 Days of classes
9M longest run

Katie, Mike and I are damn proud of ourselves.  And we should be.  We ran every single day this week.  During our academic residency.  Which is freaking hard.  We have class from 8AM - 6PM and then some nights we have additional speakers or forums that run until 9PM.  Remember also that this is business school.  Part of my role is to network with my classmates, so I can't say no to going out every single time, which the introvert in me wants to do 99% of the time. So I did go out one night and I didn't get to bed until 3AM.   I still woke up at 630 to get a run in.  So yes, I repeat: I am freaking proud! All those hamstring issues I felt earlier in June? Total thing of the past.  Running in Istanbul awakened another part of me. I was having fun again.  That week before I took off...I was not having fun.

Part of the fun was also in learning so much about myself and Islam.  I never learned a lick about Islam.  Not ever in a single class. I even took a religion class at Wake Forest.  The only thing I knew about Islam was limited to like three articles I had my entire life.  Fortunately, I didn't come in with any extreme stereotypes.  Quite frankly, I really didn't know much besides some women wear a hijab or face covering.  That's it.

So...I learned a lot.

A professor set up time for us to talk with an Imam at the Blue Mosque.  He was brilliant. He told us about the Koran, about what it means and the basic foundations of the religion.  He told us that it's a very peaceful religion...and he answered some likely very annoying and ignorant questions from our class about some of the stereotypes that are ingrained by Western media sources.  He was a class act and I was grateful for his time.

I was sad to leave the city on Sunday.  I loved the food, the weather and the people.  I know I'll come back.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rest of June in Review (Turkey!)

Week of June 15
7 days off
7 days of 100 degrees
10 hours on a plane to Turkey!

So what did I do this week? I focused on rolling, stretching and doing all the things my PT told me to do. I made lots of really good meals for Garrett and me. I completed my pre-reading in preparation for Term 5 in Istanbul.  I packed for our trip.  I finally had time to meet Amanda and catch up with her.  I ran into an ex at Whole Foods...I mean it really was an eventful week full of everything it should be.  It was a great break for me mentally.  By Saturday night, Garrett and I landed safely in Istanbul, where the sun was shining but the temps were cooler at 70 degrees!  We reunited with Nick at a hostel and explored the Old City in one day.

Ice baths to keep my legs healthy
Did some face masks with Cicero
Taksim Square

View from our hostel in Old City

Garrett and Nick sharing a moment in our hostel

Week of June 22
28 miles
0 workouts
3 Days in Cappadoccia, Turkey
7 miles longest run

Garrett and I enjoyed our first trip across the Atlantic together as a couple by heading to Cappadoccia, Turkey with Nick.  We stayed in a really awesome hotel built into a cave...a place that had been in a family for hundreds of years.  We hiked a lot, saw caves with early Christian art on the walls, ate delicious Turkish food (lentil soup is my jam) and just relaxed.  I got to ride in a hot air balloon over the valleys of Goreme.  While expensive, it was completely worth it. When we were finally in the air, I couldn't even tell because the lift off was so smooth.  I got to fly above the clouds with several of my classmates and see the shadow of our balloon in the clouds.  Even after we landed, we got to help deflate the balloon by running on it and pushing the air out.  I felt like a little kid all over again and was so elated!  By Thursday night, we were back in Istanbul.  On Friday, I did some more pre-reading while Garrett and Nick did a cruise on the Bosphorous. I was sad to say goodbye to Garrett on Saturday and to start classes, but I did enjoy a nice break leading up to the hectic schedule of Term 5 residency.  With class on Saturday and Sunday, Katie and I both got out of bed every morning to get our runs in so that we could be as alert as possible for our Managerial Accounting and Operations classes.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Week in Review

61 Miles
400m, 2M, 200m track workout

While this week looks pretty decent on paper, it was just brutal mentally.  It's been 100 degrees here in feels like it's August and that I'm running in a swamp.  It's been really rough.  To further complicate matters, my hamstring is fairly tight right at the insertion point to my glute.  Even though I had a great workout at the track on Wednesday, I knew my hamstring wasn't right. With coach, we had both decided that it would be best to take time off the week after Beat the Heat 5k in late July.  However, after dealing with my hamstring issues, I decided it was best to just pull the plug and take my week off starting on Sunday of this week.  I typically like taking time off right after a big goal race because I feel like I earned it.  This time around, I feel a little anxiety because the time off felt somewhat forced upon me.  Hopefully I'll get over that real quick.