Sunday, July 20, 2014

Week in Review

67 Miles
2 Track Workouts
14M Long Run
0 Days Off
1 Double

My mileage is finally getting up into digits that are more respectable for a runner who's not even injured. What's been most remarkable this week is that I had company for every single run.  I ran with Amanda three out of the seven days, which is pretty amazing considering I was in Charlotte for three of those days!  It is beginning to look like Amanda is my Laurie replacement as she lives almost the exact same distance away from me as Laurie did in Charlotte.

Right now, the most social parts of my day are during my runs.  Outside of that, I don't have much social interaction.  I went from having constant interaction with my Charlotte roommates, friends and co-workers to having practically none!  To make matters worse, Garrett just left on Friday morning for a three-week trek on the John Muir Trail, where he won't have access to the outside world for that entire period.  That first night of solitude was great.  After 24 hours, however, I was totally over it.  If I were working in the Charlotte office, I wouldn't feel nearly as lonely because of the social interaction that comes from office banter.  But, I'm not in Charlotte.  I'm in either my home office or on the 9th floor of University Tower, where I sit in a secretary's desk from 1985 and people ask me if I know when the printer is getting fixed.  Regardless, it's been a great learning experience for me and I'm glad that I have lots of Duke homework to keep me plenty and my hopes up.  As a side note, I know understand why people have kids. It keeps you going all the time, that's for sure!

Next week, I've got Beat the Heat on tap, followed by the Sir Walter Miler in Raleigh.  I'm hoping to run side-by-side with Amanda for both of those for as long as possible.  I am really excited to return to Wake Forest next weekend to represent my school in the local race!


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