Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Track Reunion in Charlotte

1600 (3:30 rest) - 4 x 400 (60s rest, 3:00 after #4) - 1200* (3:00 rest) - 2 x 200 (60s rest). targets: 1600 in 5:15-5:20, 400s in 76, 1200 in 3:51-3:55, 200s in 36-37 

20 min warmup
5:15 (600m in 3:31)
75 (200m in 66)
77 (59)
76 (60)
76 (400m jog plus water 2:49)
3:54 (400m jog plus water 2:52)
36 (200m in 62)
1.3 mile cool down for ~8 miles total

pm: 3.6 miles for 11.6 miles total for day 

This week I headed to Charlotte for a couple of days to help lead an all-day planning session at work. Laurie and Nathan were kind enough to host both Garrett and me during our stay, so it was no surprise that Laurie and I decided to do this workout together.  We went to Providence Day's newly remodeled track and had the extra company of Billy and Caleb for this.

Everything went as planned and I felt really smooth on all the intervals.  Caleb stayed right with me through most of this, which helped tremendously.  Since Laurie has the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon this week, she held back a tad.  I am really excited to put all this speed to the test at the Beat the Heath 5k! 

In the evening, I did a nice social double with Aaron, Michelle, Nick and Garrett biking.  It's tough coming to Charlotte since I still feel like it's home, even though I don't have a physical home there.  


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