Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Duke Track with Amanda and Billy

10 miles total with 3 x (600m @ 155-56 (200m jog) - 400m @ 76 (200m jog) - 200m @ 35 (200m jog) 400m rest between sets

3 + miles warmup
600m-400m-200m times with (rest)
155 (69) 76 (65) 35 (2:07)
154 (67) 76 (68) 35 (2:21)
154 (73) 74 (76) 35
2.7 mile cool down for ~ 9.8 miles total

Today Billy, Amanda and I laced up our flats for some more fun on the (squishy) Duke track.  A deep fog spanned across the track, covering us with a blanket of thick, wet air.  Maybe that's why I felt so terrible today.  Billy and I had a different workout than Amanda so we got going before she started her 1000m repeats.  The workout today was short and I thought that I would nail it effortlessly.  Instead, both Billy and I felt pretty tired.  Even though we hit the times, it felt like I was trying for a much faster time.  I was glad that I was able to push through even when my legs felt like lead weights in the water.  

Fortunately, I have Beat the Heat in just three days, which allows plenty of time for the legs to start feeling a bit more frisky.  I am really excited for this race since it's at Wake Forest and the start line is literally right outside the football stadium and where we had several student-athlete semi-formals.  As always, there's a solid group of women coming to compete and I hope some fast times can be posted.  Not going to lie though, I'd love to stand on the top of the podium as a proud Demon Deacon!


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