Sunday, July 6, 2014

Week in Review

39 Miles
5 Runs
2 Days Off
1 Workout
1 Jacked up Shoulder / Neck

I'm an official resident of Durham.  The US Postal Service sent my official "change of address" correspondence to my new house, situated perfectly in the middle of Hope Valley Country Club.  So nothing was about to stop me from jumping right into the Triangle Running scene.  I created a Facebook group for us to post impromptu runs and networked.

I started the week off with a run with Kyle Feldman, a mutual friend of Liz and Meagan's.  Then I ran again with Billy Askey on Tuesday.  I ended my social running streak on Wednesday, when I decided to take my parents to Duke for a run while I knocked out some 200s on the Duke track.  Everything went as planned (running 36-40 with 200m jog rest) until the 12th interval, when a nagging pain that I had been easily ignoring at night turned into a full blow strain (or something) and I had to stop.  I wish that I could say that I had to stop due to a running related injury, but, no, it wasn't.  I had to stop, almost reduced to tears the pain was so bad (which is rare for me as my husband has only seen me cry three times in the last seven years).  I asked my dad to massage it for me, hoping that I could at least finish out another set of four.  But after attempting a stride, I knew that getting a cool down in would be futile.
The rest of week was spent trying to get my shoulder to calm down while enjoying the beautiful weather in Hendersonville with my family.  We got in several great hikes and ate lots of fabulous food.  In the end, my shoulder pain appeared to be getting better before regressing again on Saturday night.  I was able to get a massage from Joel Tull on the way back from Asheville, so that seemed to help a good amount but I know it won't be enough.  I'll try to get in with a PT or  chiro tomorrow, but where's Dr. Greenapple when I need him? The hardest part about moving to a new town is not knowing your medical practitioners well enough to get in quick.  I hope this goes away in the next couple of days so that I get some good speed work in before Beat the Heat 5k.


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