Monday, February 27, 2012

Week in Review (with Meagan!)

83 Miles
3 Doubles
2 Strength Workouts
17 Mile Long Run from 620-700
5 Runs with Meagan

The main thing that was determined this week was that if Meagan and I lived together, our running performances would dramatically improve.  In four days of running (and snuggling) with Meagan, we got in five runs together, two of which were of fairly decent quality.  Our long run on Sunday included Meagan and I pushing the pace together with Alana and enjoying as much of it that we could, considering we had gone out the night before.  In fact, I had haphazardly organized a surprise dinner for Meagan at Press on Saturday night.  Alice, Anna, Matt, Aaron, Billy, Carolyn, John, Pezz, Anna and Michelle were among the guests and I could tell that Meagan missed her Charlotte friends who surrounded her that night.  The after-party continued at Tilt Charlotte, which featured a very eclectic group of people - old men, cougars, young europeans with long hair, and our very own scrawny runner folk.  We took over the small dance floor and proceeded to embarrass ourselves with our graceless dance moves.  Despite a wild night out, Meagan, John, Aaron and I all left by 11:10pm.  We dropped Aaron off at the bus station and then made our way home.  Meagan ate four spoonfuls of agave nectar to make her throat feel better in between thoroughly bashing my cat.  It was a rather entertaining scene, that's for sure.

Since Meagan has been appointed the duty of a bridesmaid, she already has fulfilled all of her responsibilities with poise and grace.  We went wedding dress shopping on Saturday, and we were in and out of the shop in less than an hour.  On Sunday, we continued to prove that we are indeed the fastest bridal shoppers ever as Meagan tried on over 10 bridesmaids dresses at JCrew in less than 45 minutes.  Needless to say, sales clerks like us because we don't mess around nor waste time.

Meagan leaves on Monday and her visit here further cemented why she's a bridesmaid:  Meagan just gets me...oh and she's a great training partner.  What more could I ask for?  Her visit made me miss her even more, so I hope I get to see her soon.

Meagan and Michelle

Meagan's surprise group at Press

Meagan, Michelle, Anna and I

Carolyn, Billy, Aaron and I


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