Friday, February 10, 2012

7x1000m Repeats with Josh

7x1000m repeats with 2 min jog rest

1.8 mile warmup
7x1000m at Dilworth Speed Loop
Split (Rest Time)
3:36 (through half in 2:50) (1:22)
3:34 (through half in 2:50) (1:16)
3:32 (through half in 2:49) (1:28)
3:31 (through half in 2:49) (1:55)
3:30 (through half in 2:48) (1:27)
3:29 (through half in 2:47) (1:56)
3:28 (through half in 2:47
1.8 mile cool down for 9 miles total

pm:  3.5 miles easy with Jason (12.5 miles total)

Since winter is finally making its appearance in the Carolinas, Josh and I opted to perform this workout during our lunch break when it would be a little warmer.  Right now is a perfect time for me to work out with Josh because he's got a goal to break 18 in the 5k, while I've got a goal to get my legs back under me after the marathon.  Really, it's the perfect match.

After a warmup that was just short of two miles, I was already feeling tired.  Feeling tired beforehand is never a good sign, but I brushed aside any thoughts of doubt, determined that I was going to hit my goal times, which were to start at 2:50 through the 800m and to get faster gradually from there.  I knew that my times wouldn't be close to other occasions where I've completed this same workout on the same terrain, but I had to start somewhere.

Josh and I ran through the first one and we both felt relaxed.  We came through right on the target pace, and my legs felt strong.  I made the executive decision to just start the intervals when we got back to the start line, which was a little earlier than our prescribed 2:00 rest.  This was fine though, and when we felt like we needed that extra 30 seconds, we took it.  Towards the last three intervals, my left hip flexor and upper quad felt fatigued, but nothing painful.  I saw Greenapple the night before, so I wasn't surprised that the leg was tiring easily because of the exercises performed.

When I did this workout back in September, I was able to run 3:22s with 2:00 rest.  I was only 6-10 seconds off of those times, with at least 30 seconds less rest this time around.  I'm definitely still a little rusty, but I'm really excited about this workout and how things are coming around.  I've outlined my race schedule for the first half of the year, and the main focus is winning prize money and just having fun! Looking forward to the next couple of weeks!


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