Tuesday, February 21, 2012

5 Mile Tempo

5 Mile Progression tempo at 6:10-5:50 pace

2.5 miles warmup
5 Mile Progression tempo in 30:13 with splits of 618, 600, 554, 603, 556
2.5 miles cool down for 10 miles total

pm: 4 miles easy

I'm really behind on my blog due to the wonderful visit from Meagan this past weekend, so I'm playing catch up now!  I was running late, so when I got to the standard meeting spot, Spada was no where in site.  I decided to tentatively "start" my tempo at a measly pace, hoping to find him along the way.  I saw Carolyn and Dalena, who told me they thought they had spotted him around the lake.  I powered forward, hoping to spot him because I had no desire to do a 5 mile tempo along in the dark at 5:40am.  Fortunately, he did one extra lap around the lake, so we ran into each other and I immediately picked up the pace to keep up with him.  In the dark, we ran side by side as we traversed the streets near the greenway.  I started to really hurt near the fourth mile, but I wasn't looking at my watch, so I had no idea what pace we were running. I could tell Spada was feeling pretty good, but he stuck with me until there was just 800m to go.

I really enjoy working out with Spada because he makes everything so much simpler than I tend to.  He keeps me in check and always is guaranteed to finish a workout.  Although my time wasn't anything spectacular, I know that I am coming along.  I tend to race faster than I workout, so I can tell my strength is finally coming back to me.  I'm really excited to put all of my post-marathon training to the test in just a couple of weeks at the NC USATF 4 Mile Champs in Durham.


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