Friday, July 29, 2011

Success in Summer: 4x1.5 Mile

4x1.5 mile at 6:00, 5:50 and faster with 3:00 jog rest

26 min warmup for 3.2 miles

Total Time - Mile Split - (rest)
1 - 8:37 - 5:45 (3:00)
2 - 8:34 - 5:41 (3:00)
3 - 8:37 - 5:43 (4:30 - pee break)
4 - 8:31 - 5:38

18 min cool down for 2.2 miles

After a quick chat last night, Meagan and I decided to do our workout in Dilworth instead of at McAlpine.  Due to this July heat, we wanted to start off at a relatively conservative pace (6:00) and get faster.  This morning, Meagan and I met at the Freedom Park bathrooms at 7:05AM to continue our way up to the corner of Worthington and Dilworth Rd E to meet Caleb and Billy.

After situating my water bottle in a nearby tree and wiping my sweat off with the towel that I brought along, we toed the white line and waited for the beep of my garmin.  For the first one, the pacing was left up to me and Meagan told me she was going to rely on me to bring us through in a controlled pace.  Through the first 600m, we were around 5:55 pace.  Apparently my internal pace calculator didn't like that and by the mile, we had picked it up to 5:45.  It should be noted that there is a nice down hill that helps propel the pace to a faster time.  We formed a nice square with Billy and I in the lead, Meagan on my shoulder, and Caleb behind Billy.  I felt really controlled and relaxed at the completion of this one.  On the second interval, the goal was to go out easy again but somehow we came through in 5:42.  My body felt great though so we continued to push through.

For the third and fourth intervals, I noticed that in the first 600m, my legs felt really heavy and sore, but that the feeling would go away as we got further into the repeat.  I will account this to the slight uphill that characterizes the first part of this loop. Further, my breathing adjusted as my legs adjusted.  I felt like my breathing was a lot heavier in the first part and then would settle down at the same time my legs felt better.  I would rather that my breathing is not affected by how my body feels, so I really need to focus on not letting my physical feelings affect my mentality and therefore my breathing. If I start to get freaked out, it affects my breathing and that could be detrimental, especially in a longer race. 

I'd also like to point out that I ran all of these faster than when I did this workout in the same location back on June 3rd.  It was hotter today, so that's a really good sign of improvement.

I will also note that I'm really proud of Meagan because she was having a hard time breathing on the third one, but she really pulled it together on the fourth interval to bring the breathing back under control.  What i love most about working out with Meagan is that when she's having a hard time, I can provide her the words of encouragement that she needs to hear.  She does the same thing for me when I'm having difficulty.  The two races we have planned for this fall - the 13.1 Minneapolis and the Army Ten Miler - will be really special for me because I know that Meagan and I will be able to work together to push each other and also have a great time doing it. 

Caleb also stayed with us through 2.5 intervals and Billy shined on the fourth. All in all, we had a good time in the 80 degrees this morning.  The best part was definitely getting cold water on Rebecca's porch. 


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