Wednesday, July 27, 2011

16x1 Min Bonk

16x1 min with 1:15 rest

~3.8 mile warmup in 29 min
14x1 min with 1:15 rest, then 2x30 seconds
~2.2 mile warmup in 18 min for 11.5 miles total

After last night's run, I was weary about my work out this morning.  I knew that it was going to hurt, which is why I actually switched my scheduled workout for 1000s out with next week's workout of 16x1 min.  I figured such a decision would be less painful and I really want to run strong in my 1000s. 

This morning, I left my house at 6am with Billy to meet Eric at the tennis courts in Freedom Park.  We added on some more miles before beginning our minuters.  There really isn't much to report except that I felt pretty good considering the fact that I had been in an airport or airplane for 20 hours the day before.  That feeling of strength left me after 12 intervals.  On thirteen, I felt tired and heavy and struggled to keep up with the boys on a measly 1 min pickup.  My legs felt like they were dragging through wet concrete, so I decided to stop on 15 and 16 at 30 seconds, before my legs really were starting to shut down.  My breathing was heavy as well, so the work out ended on a rather negative note. 

However, I am happy that I was able to get through 12 without a problem, especially given the circumstances.  With just a little more rest, I'll feel better soon.  I'm confident that things will be back on track later this weekend after my body has had time to adjust.  To speed up that process, I got a massage today from Byran at Balance Bodywork and he worked his magic on my sore muscles. As I continue to run 80+ miles, massage will be a critical component to my regime.


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