Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cheating on the Down Week

Don't work out this week

~11 miles with 10x1 min on/off at 70% effort

Over the weekend, Mr. Stephen Spada sent me an email requesting a workout partner for Tuesday.  I didn't check my work email over the weekend, so I received it once walking into work on Monday.  However, I forgot to respond to it.  It was easy to forget about it because I wasn't supposed to work out any way. Stephen wouldn't let up - I received another email from him requesting the same thing.  I agreed to do some minuters with him and to keep them relatively relaxed and controlled and clicked send.  There was no backing out now.

I showed up at Boyce with 4 minutes to spare as I put Body Glide on before meeting up with Josh, Megan, Mike, Stephen, Gordon, Mike, Aaron, and others that I can't remember.  After spending 35 minutes with the entire group, Stephen, Josh, Mike and I took off to begin our minuters.  I just ran with Josh and Stephen, keeping everything controlled.  Considering the race this past weekend, my legs felt relatively good and it was just fun to be out there running with friends.

Tomorrow I board a plane at 7am, heading to Newport Beach to visit my wonderful sister.  I have travelled quite a bit this year, but this trip is special because it was planned so far in advance.  As soon as I received my training plan and saw a down week in the middle of the summer, I knew I would want to escape the NC heat and go to LA!  I'm excited to run around the back bay just for time, not worrying about work outs or waking up early.  It's definitely needed.


Stephen Spada said...

Stephen wouldn't let up...I love it! Enjoy Cali...

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