Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week in Review

~75 Miles
8 Runs
2 Days in Albany
Hottest Temps this summer
14 mile long run

Welp, I wanted to hit 80 miles this week, but that just didn't happen.  I hate doing doubles in the summer so I guess if I had just pulled myself out into the suffocating NC heat and humidity one afternoon, I would have come closer to that number, but I didn't.  Oh well! 

I started the week off right with a fantastic 12x400m with Meagan and the boys.  I closed the week of with a bad tempo before heading off to Albany, New York to see Garrett for the last time before his season ends in September.  Bittersweet, yes I know.

Fortunately the weather here in New York has been a great escape from the Charlotte humidity.  I've been able to sleep in and run at odd hours during the day without risking passing out from overheating.  The trails here are amazing and I really would like to run BoilerMaker 15k next year.  I'm struggling a little bit with a shoulder and neck muscle strain or something.  It hurts like hell and the pain runs from my shoulder to my neck. I'm assuming it's from sitting at a computer all day for work and that I should probably do shoulder exercises that Mark Kane showed me to help prevent this from happening again.

Beat the Heat is less than 6 days away and I am ready to rock that race.  Good competition, free pizza, prize money, and a day floating the Dan River is enough incentive for me to come.


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