Tuesday, July 5, 2011

12x400m with 200m Rest

12x400m with 400m jog rest

2.5 mile warmup
12x400m with 200m jog rest 75, 75, 75, 79, 74, 74, 73, 73, 71, 74, 72, 71
2.5 mile cool down for 9.5 miles total

Last night before this workout, I texted Mark to make sure that I was really only supposed to do 12 400m repeats. That number seemed rather low and I was expecting to do at least 16x400m.  He texted me back and said that 12 was the correct number and that the goal would be to try to run as close to 75 seconds but with a full 400m jog rest.  I like to go above and beyond...or I just don't like to take 400m jog rests because then I have to wake up earlier, so I decided to only do 200m jog rest with the group. 

Meagan, Billy, and Eric all met at my place at 615am to jog to the JCSU track for an early workout.  We all agreed that a 400m rest sounded way too long so we decided to stick with a 200m jog and, if it felt too taxing on our bodies, to adjust accordingly.  Turns out we didn't need to adjust our jog distance, but we did adjust our jog pace. 

After we arrived at the track, a stray dog kept us company as he followed us around.  He did seem like a pretty happy dog despite not having a home and he provided a feeling of comfort to me in an odd way.  Paul and Stephen were doing an 800m workout while Jason and another guy were just finishing up their 400m repeats.  For our first one, we jumped in with Spada to help him on his last lap of an 800m. That was fun because we ran fast without even knowing it. 

The plan was to run in two pairs - Meagan and I and then Billy and Eric.  We would alternate inside/outside of lane 1 as well as alternate leading with the boys.  It worked out quite well because it broke up the monotony of running 4.5 miles around the track.

I am guessing that Meagan and I did a good job of pacing us through the the first 2 400s because we cruised through in 75 for both of those.  However, I wasn't checking the 200m split, so it's all speculation.  You can ask Eric what our splits were because he was glancing at his Garmin to make sure we were in check.  On the fourth interval, Meagan whispered we were too fast in the first 100m, so the boys in the lead slowed down a tad too much after the 200m mark.  That's why we ran a 79.  It's funny because that seemed rather effortless and pedestrian compared to what we had been running.

After having about 75 seconds of rest between each interval, we decided to take a 2 min rest after the 8th 400m and to splash some lukewarm water over ourselves.; This must have bode well for us because Meagan and I lead us through a 71 second quarter for the 9th one.  It was a lot of fun to go fast but it definitely hurt.

Toward the last 4 intervals, I was starting to feel some fatigue in my hamstrings and quads, but I still felt really strong and confident that I could keep posting some solid times. It was especially helpful to have Meagan alongside me the entire time. I felt like we were on a college team together and working out for some big race. It's always fun to run with the guys because undoubtedly they help make us stronger runners, right?

Again, I walk away pleased with this workout. While wearing my trainers, Nike Pegasus, I was able to post some fast times on the track. I'm hoping these faster times will help me maintain a faster pace on my longer tempos so that a PR is realistic for me in the marathon next January.


Anonymous said...

The speed (75 or better) was the crucial element we were after, if you could do that with less rest then all the better. Nice workout!

- Mark

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