Monday, March 28, 2011

Week in Review

~81 Miles
9 Runs
5k on the track - 17:25
18 mile Long Run at 715 pace
1 World Record

While the week started off with the sun shining and the temperatures rising, all hopes of Spring were instantly washed away by Saturday morning, when the cold rain blew into town, right in time for the CRC 100x5k World Record Attempt.  You can read my recap of the event in the link above, but, suffice to say, it was a success!  Our world record event brought together so many people of the Charlotte running community and it was definitely a great opportunity to meet so many passionate runners.

I did participate in the 5k, and consistently ran 83s pretty much the entire time.  Mark Hadley told me that I hit 83.4 for four laps in a row.  Apparently, I became one with my inner metronome while on the Providence Day Track.  I was especially pleased with my ability to roll 5:35-5:37 pace per mile during a week of high mileage training and after hanging out in the cold rain for 4 hours.  After helping out for around 10-12 hours on Saturday, I made my way home to thaw myself out and to get ready for my 18 mile long run the following morning.  Considering that I had just completed my first 5k race on a track in over 3 years, my legs felt surprisingly great on the long run on Sunday.  After wrapping up 18 miles in 2:10, I dried off to see the final legs of the relay.  

Just got my official splits back from Lee Timing!  Wow I was even.  Here they are:
83.4 (5:35.4)
83.3 (5:34.4)
84.0 (5:35.1)
:41 (17:25.1)

Warming up on the track
Running my Leg of the 100x5k - 17:28
Jordan and Meagan warmed up with me


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