Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10x90 Second Frollick in Freedom

10x90 seconds with 3:00 jog at 5k pace or faster

2.7 mile warmup
10x90 seconds at 5:05-5:25 pace in Freedom Park
2.2 miles cool down

For this workout, Billy and a surprise guest, Michael Hefner, met up at my house to run some intervals through Freedom Park and the Sugar Creek Greenway.  We met Eric halfway and began our workout near the restrooms. 

The key for this workout was to feel good and strong the entire time. While I struggled more when Billy and Michael pulled away from me, I was able to pull myself together mentally to finish out with strong splits.  It was exceptionally helpful to have Eric there to push me through and help me maintain a fast clip throughout the entire interval. 

Considering that I was wearing my trainers and that we were running through some sections with rolling hills, I'm pleased with the times that were posted in this workout.  It's good to get the legs moving at a faster clip as I head into the Ukrop's 10k in less than three weeks.  I can tell that my legs are coming around and that with a couple more weeks of solid training, I will feel fresh and confident. 


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