Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week in Review

~75 Miles
16 mile long run
1 Workout Fail
7 runs at 730 pace
Garrett is in Baseball Season!

Considering that I ran 45 miles last week, this week was definitely a step in the right direction. Yes, I struggled to run faster than 7:30 pace on most of my runs this week, but I was able to get my mileage back into respectable digits and also run a two hour long run. I am finally getting over the flu that I had for the early part of this week and late last week. I think that running through while I felt fairly weak will make me stronger in a couple of weeks.

To prove that I have a life outside of running, I adventured outside of the trails and found myself in Cow Fish, where I enjoyed a nice evening out with the Hovises, the Fillnows, the (soon-to-be) Holders and John. John and I shared a dessert like we were a couple and it was delicious. Cow Fish is a great restaurant and is reasonably priced.

Garrett arrived at Spring Training in Orlando on Thursday and enjoyed his first day of practice with the other baseball boys. Since he was out of commission for a good portion of the off season with a sports hernia, he was not as strong in the running drills as he was last year. I'm sure he'll get that strength back once he gets done with his rehab!


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