Monday, March 28, 2011

Charlotte Running Club's 100x5k World Record

Break the 100x5k World Record (37:12:53 - 22:30 5k ave) set by the Florida Striders in December 2010

Demolish the 100x5k World Record in 30:56:49 for 18:32 average 5k (5:58 pace/mile)

It all started with the Charlotte Running Club's Director of Competition.  Ben Hovis - always competitive with an insatiable desire to win - caught wind of the Florida Striders' World Record and immediately knew that the Charlotte Running Club could break that record.  After only 2 months of planning, Ben, with the help of the CRC President, Aaron Linz, was able to turn an idea into a reality, putting together a successful event during terrible, rainy weather.  Of course, there were definitely some hiccups along the way as our Club had never organized such an event, but, with the help and support from many CRC members, we were able to persevere through some of the worst weather conditions we've seen all year for an entire 31 hours. 

Ben Hovis and Megan Hovis kicked off the relay with a 6am start, before heading off to a wedding in the Northeast.  It was unfortunate that Ben could not see it all go down as he had organized every single detail to ensure that we could make the relay a success.  After their legs, ninety eight more runners completed 12.5 laps each around the Providence Day School track, and a large number of other Club members came out to support those ninety eight in their laps of glory.   I was amazed at how many people of the Running Club came together to help make this event a success.  Running and non-running members of the relay really showed how passionate they are about running by making an appearance.

Mike Beigay, Aaron Linz, and Emily Barrett were there in those early morning hours to provide support and help count the laps until the sun came up and more people began filing to the track.  Our fearless leader, Aaron Linz showcased why he is indeed the President of the Charlotte Running Club as he was at the Providence Day Track for probably 25 out of the 30 hours. 
CRC President Making the Most of the Rain
Emily Barrett took on the daunting, high pressure task of counting laps for so many different runners.  After Aaron got sidetracked and miscounted one person's leg, it was immediately clear that the task of counting laps wasn't as easy as it looked.  Emily performed the job with perfection! 

The generosity from the Charlotte running community didn't just stop there.  Numerous people donated their own personal tents to us to use as the rain continued to pour down onto the runners.  People brought coffee for those runners who got the middle-of-the-night time slot.  The Hadleys baked a cake for everyone.  So many different people took pictures with their awesome dSLR cameras.  People ran a triathlon in the freezing temperatures and then made their way to the Relay on Sunday to see the final leg.  Owners of the Charlotte Running Company donated t-shirts for the event.  Providence Day School allowed us to use their facilities and carried away our trash bags. 

Meagan Nedlo brought Karhu wear test shoes and a bear out for the kids to play with, despite the rain.  Our middle of the night captains gave up a night of sleep to ensure that everything continued to run as planned.  Stephen Spada painted the CRC Logo onto his abs to showcase his pride in the Club.  Rebecca Thomason gutted out a 5k after almost two years of not racing.  Jordan Kinley gutted out a 5k in front of his admirers even though he had not run for the past two months.  Emily Barrett graciously ran our second to last leg to ensure that we sealed the deal on the record, in case of lap miscounts.  The list of items goes on and on...I probably left out three-fourths of all the other kind things that people did for the CRC this weekend. 

The most exciting part about this entire weekend was to see so many members of the running club come together and finally meet each other face to face.  The number of people that I met this week was astounding.  Some introduced themselves to me, or I introduced myself to others.  I was finally able to meet members that I had previously only known as a name on a list of race results.  Passion exuded from each and every individual out there on that track.  Not just from the people who were running, but also from the people who were cheering on loved ones.  

After this weekend, I feel so grateful for each and every person that has taken the time to join our Club and to share that passion for running.  I am so proud to be in the Charlotte Running Club!

I included some pics that I took with John's camera.

Had to post Meagan and Jordan's Handoff because Jordan shouted at Meagan to "RUN!"
Meagan and Jordan Handoff Pic #2
Despite the fact that Jordan gave Meagan the baton, she is still behind
The late night crew - Matt Jaskot, Billy Shue, Kelly Fillnow

The Karhu Bear made a rainy day appearance
Emily Barrett Bringing in her Leg
John Bringing in the Fastest Leg of the Day - 15:12?


Anonymous said...

And let's not forget Caitlin, who does so much for all of us!

Emily B. said...

Judging from that picture...I run like a girrrrllll. :)

Aaron Linz said...

me dig it

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Charlotte, from a member of the Jax (former) record team. You Rock!

Not-so-fast Dave

Anonymous said...

That looked like you guys had as much fun as we did this weekend! I am not a member of the Greenville Track Club, but they were generous enough to let me run in there attempt this weekend. Congrats to you and all of your efforts!

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