Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week in Review

80.2 Miles
9 runs
14 Mile Long run at 6:45 pace
3 Days in Florida

Well, this week started off great with some decent mileage during the first four days, while I was still in Charlotte.  I knew that running my planned workout of 3x2 miles was going to be difficult to do once I got to Florida because of the traffic in the area where I was staying, so I changed it to a 6 mile progression tempo instead.  While the 2 mile tempo would surely be a big confidence booster workout for me, I decided it would be best to do it in Charlotte, on familiar terrain and when I have the company of friends.  Running three days in Florida was definitely boring since there are so many traffic lights and it is so hot.  I was able to muster a 14 mile long run at 645 pace, with the last mile at 555.  I was pretty happy about that. 

After travelling to Orlando on Thursday night, I enjoyed three quality evenings with Garrett, during the hours that he was not playing baseball.  I was lucky enough to have the company of his cousin, Meghan, as she travelled from Jacksonville to keep me company during the day while Garrett went to work.  We enjoyed time at the pool and ate delicious meals at Whole Foods while Garrett was gone.  I took advantage of the few hours in the evening that I did have to hang out with Garrett.  We played Putt Putt at Downtown Disney on Friday night, which featured the hardest and most fun putt putt course I've ever played on.  Some of the holes had a par 6!  Garrett, of course, dominated the game. 

Meghan and Garrett at Putt Putt in Disney

Garrett and I playing putt putt!

Garrett and I in Celebration

Garrett and Meghan in Celebration

On Saturday night, we played laser tag at Wonder Works and ate some pizza that I got from a Groupon.  The best part of the weekend was when Garrett and I went to the Vegan Restaurant - Dandelion Cafe - in downtown Orlando. The food was absolutely delicious - just as it was when we went there last year - and then we drove around some cute neighborhoods.  it was definitely a treat to get to spend a whole five hours with Garrett on Sunday because he got done with practice at 4pm, versus 5:30pm!  Garrett and I also discussed how it is best to run around a pole for the Trials, since he has to practice base running and all.  He gave me some great pointers on how to maintain my momentum and we will practice together in the fall. 

Garrett and I also both agreed that I need to take a full week off from running in May to give my body a much deserved rest period.  I have not taken off more than 3 days in a row since 2008.  I think this will help me prepare, mentally and physically, to run to my fullest potential in 2012.


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