Friday, March 4, 2011

The Benefit of a Bad Workout?

4 miles at 6:15 pace and progressively getting faster, 5 min rest, 4x2 min at 5k pace

5k tempo at 6:08 pace (19:00), 10 min rest, 4x80 sec at don't die pace for 10.5 miles total

Prior to today, I had run two tempos at a fairly decent clip: 5 miles at 5:58 pace and 3 miles at 5:50 pace. Today I ran my third tempo for 2011, a 5k in an unimpressive 6:08 pace.

Sounds like a bad workout, especially when you compare it to the two previous tempos. But maybe not. Since I'm driving toward peak performance at the USA 25k Champs and eventually at the USA Olympic Trials marathon, then I got exactly what I needed out of a workout at this point in my training. I worked hard, pushed myself too a strong effort, and listened to my body to boost my own tolerance for suffering. While my tolerance for suffering happened at slower clip than at what I would have hoped for, I pushed through the psychological barrier of knowing that I had been sick for the past 7 days with the flu. I trust that this feeling of enduring the suffering will carry over into one of my future races, making me tougher when it matters.

While the rest of workout's details may be significant, they are uninteresting. All you need to know is that I gutted this run out with the company of Will and Billy, and felt miserable the entire time. I'm going to keep my head up and know that within the next couple of days I will finally begin to feel like myself again, both physically and mentally. At the very least, I feel grateful that I am able to run pain free and in the company of friends. I am sending healthy vibes to Jay as he continues to struggle through some pain stemming from his winter injury. I can't wait to see him out here on the roads again!


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