Saturday, September 28, 2013

2x4 Miles in NYC

2x4 Miles...First set at 6:10, 1 mile moderate rest, 2nd set at 6:00-6:05

4.5 mile warmup
4 miles in 609, 602, 555, 558
1 mile slow rest
4 miles in 556, 556, 549, 549
.65 mile cool down for 14 miles total

My goal half in DC is next weekend, but even despite that, both Terry and I agreed that the big picture goal is Cal International.  So, we had two pretty big workouts on tap, with 3x2 Mile on Wednesday, and then this workout on Saturday.  Somehow Jay thought it would be fun to pace three girls to a long workout (which is the exact same workout he paced Sarah in last weekend). Mind you, the whole reason why I'm in NYC is to celebrate his 30 years of life.  Regardless, we went to the WSH and ran along the path, which of course was ridiculously crowded.  The first 4 miles was just Meagan and me with Jay, and it felt pretty easy.  We didn't have any collisions with other pedestrians or cyclists.  On the second set, Sarah jumped in for her final marathon workout and she not only man-handled a pedestrian by literally grabbing his backpack and moving him, but she also almost (with full intention) ran straight into an 18-wheeler that had inconveniently gotten in our way.  On the fourth set, I just tucked in behind Sarah and Jay and let them do the work while I waited for my legs to get tired.  They didn't really get too tired and I was surprised at how great they felt, especially since I had taken the day off on Friday.

I went to the Duke MBA Open House yesterday and absolutely loved it. I can't wait to get my interview completed so that I can find out if I was accepted...Just three more weeks and I should know!


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