Sunday, September 8, 2013

(Down) Week in Review

63 Miles
6 Runs
1 day off
12x1 min
Tempo Fail
17 Mile Long Run @ 6:45 average

It's funny how sometimes the down weeks feel the worst.  Perhaps the reason is two-fold:  the combination of the heat and humidity and the return of my husband to Charlotte.  This week definitely wasn't what I had hoped for from a running perspective.  I ditched a tempo run that was scheduled for Thursday, attempted it again on Friday evening, and stopped after one mile at 6:30 pace.  I even had Garrett alongside me on the bike for added motivation, but that didn't help me.  My legs have felt lethargic and heavy ever since I arrived in DC last weekend, and I just urged them to come back to life. It took them basically six whole days!

My run on Saturday was a glimmer of hope--the legs finally felt light again--and I sensed that my long run would go well the next day.  I topped off an otherwise crappy week with a long run with Laurie and Pezz with five miles at 620-605 pace and a final average of 6:45.  Overall, it's always a hard adjustment for me upon Garrett's return because my sleep schedule is all off (he reads in bed with the light on which keeps me awake).  I'm confident that next week will be different and that my legs will continue to feel better, especially as the fall season blows the humidity away!


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