Wednesday, May 2, 2012

13 Mile Steady State

9 mile tempo at 615 pace

13 miles at 6:40 pace

I was supposed to do a 9 mile tempo this morning, but I never found anyone to run it with me, so I didn't find the resolve within myself to get out of bed to run a solo tempo.  This would mark the first one hour tempo I've done since 2011, and I wasn't up to the challenge.  Instead, I went back to sleep and opted to run in the afternoon at McAlpine....Eight hours later and thirty degrees warmer--BAD IDEA.  I am not used to this ridiculous heat and humidity yet and the fact that one must check the weather before making such foolish decisions such as working out at 4PM when it's 92 degrees and humid as hell.  I immediately decided to do a steady state run instead.  I can do a nice tempo in the next couple of weeks, when I can recruit someone like Stephen Spada or Alana Hadley for company.

Out at McAlpine, to avoid the sun, I ran back and forth on the lower Boyce trails for 6 miles before finally heading out back onto the normal back and to run the course backwards.  Once on the course, I started dropping 6:30s, which is that impressive, but it was humid, so I'll take it.  The unfortunate thing is that it didn't feel quite as easy as I would have liked.  I'm going to account this toward the humidity and my lack of endurance or fitness.  The true test will come during my 9 mile tempo in the next couple of weeks.

My splits for the first 3 miles were around 7:00, splits for 4-6 were around 650, splits for 7-9 were around 6:45, splits for 10-13 were 6:30


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