Friday, May 4, 2012

Cutdown on the Speed Loop

6xmile with 2:30 rest

2.5 warmup

On the Speed Loop:
2000m 6:57 (1:47)
1600m 5:33 (2:13)
1200m 4:03 (3:18)
1000m 3:20 (2:40)
800m 2:38 (2:38)
600m 1:56 (3:18)
400n 1:15 (1:20)
200m :35
2 miles cool down for 11.5 miles total

On a hot and muggy morning, David Willis and I departed from my house to meet Spada at the Speed Loop.  After twenty minutes of warmup, we toed the imaginary line and started our first rep--2000m.  David and Spada immediately bolted ahead and I was left in their dust. This would be the theme for the entirety of the workout.  When I wanted to zigzag off the course to hit up a sprinkler in the middle of an interval, I would glue my eyes to Spada's butt and ignore the desire for water.  Instead, I powered through this down ladder workout, even when it was really hurting.  Fortunately, our prescribed rest was much longer than usual (400m) with hopes that it would allow us to run super fast.  Well, it didn't.  It was to hot for that.  My body definitely isn't used to running in this humidity quite yet. I only need a couple more weeks and I'll be just fine, but until then, it will definitely be a struggle.

In this workout, I really hurt for the first three reps, and then by the time I hit the 1000m and shorter intervals, I was finally beginning to feel better.  My times don't really reflect that too much, but the effort was there today and I felt spent after each one.  My legs felt pretty heavy towards the end, but I did just run a solid tempo on Wednesday at McAlpine.  I'm hoping that I'll be able to push the last couple miles of my long run on Sunday to make this a solid week.



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