Sunday, May 6, 2012

Week in Review

~86 Miles
3 Doubles
18 Mile Long Run
2 Dance Lessons, 1 Group Lesson

A lot happened this week...I signed up for 3 private dance lessons a week and unlimited group dance classes.  I attended University of South Carolina Nursing Convocation for Elyse Bullock.  I ran lots of miles with numerous friends.  I placed second in the CRC Tequila 400m Birthday Dash.  I stood on the roof the infamous "pink building" in Charlotte and spit Fanta off the ledge.  I drove my delightedly drunk friends to the Cinco de Mayo bash at Aaron's house.  All in all, it was a busy, yet fun week.

From a running perspective, I had two unimpressive workouts, but I will account those lackluster performances to the heat and humidity that has found its way (must to early) to the Carolinas.  I have a feeling that this summer will be a hot one, but I don't mind too much.  Training in the summer is much better for me because I have time to stretch and drink water before jumping in my car to go home.  I don't have to rush to take a shower, for fear of getting sick from the cold and wet combination.  Surely, I have to start drinking a bottle of water every hour and take long naps on Sundays after grueling long runs in the sun, but it beats running in the cold, dark of the winter.

Next week, I've got the NC 10k Champs in Raleigh.  I've got dance lessons to pay for now so my goal is to win some more prize money at this one.


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