Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week in Review

82 Miles
2 Doubles
4 Days of sickness
2 Workouts
16 Mile long run uptempo

As a result of an upper respiratory cough, I missed two of my double runs this week, which would explain why I was unable to run 90 miles this week.  I was able to still do all of my workouts for the week, even if one was adjusted largely to account for the hacking cough.  Even though the start of the week was off to a shaky start, I was able to finish it out with two solid workouts on Friday and Sunday.  Things are finally starting to come together and I feel like I'm in the best shape I've been in since Twin Cities in 2010.  Sometimes I really do think that I train best in the summer heat because that's when things usually come together for me.

John and I are also fully settled into the new house on Wilmore Drive, directly across the street from Matt Jaskot, two houses from Denise and Tyler, and half a mile from Thomas and Michelle.  We have our own little running club starting in this neighborhood and it's nice to know that we are surrounded by friends.  I've got just three weeks until the USA Half Champs and I'm ready!


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