Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week in Review

62 Miles
1 Double
1 Day Off
2 Days in Pittsburgh
3 days of moving boxes
14 Mile Death March

Even though this week was supposed to be a down week, I hit a lower mileage target than I had hoped for.  I went on my first ever work trip this week and underestimated the time commitment, therefore missing a run altogether on our first day of travel.  After a full workweek filled with lots of tasks, I returned home each evening to continue transferring boxes from my condo to my new house in Wilmore, while also fitting in group dance classes.  In between all of that, I managed to fit in a solid 10 mile tempo effort.  However, after that, it was all down hill from there. On Saturday, the "Wilmore Running Club" traversed through the streets of Charlotte and I struggled to stay attached to the group as my legs from like lead. John and I spent our first night in the house on Saturday night and the first signs of sore throat and cough popped up that night. I could barely sleep, but I got out of bed to meet the trusty McAlpine long run crew at 7AM, hoping that this run would go better than Saturday's.  Boy, was I wrong. I could barely slog through at 7:20 pace and finally just called it a day after 14 miles.  My throat hurt, breathing was difficult, and my legs were extremely tight.  The lesson this week is that clearly I'm a little stressed, a little sick, and a little tired and I need to make up for all of this next week in order to get better.


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