Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mid-Week Long Run

16 mile long run

15.5 miles in 1:53:00

It's amazing how quickly my motivation can plummet once I'm left along on the final leg of a long run.  I had every intention of running at least 1:55 for my long run this morning, but once all my buddies dropped off, the comfort of my front door beckoned for me to come home.  I started at 5:15am and ran to the Dowd YMCA to pick up Jason Martin.  We ran down the Light Rail path until we had to turn around in time to pick up the Dowd crew.  The run continued along the Twilight 5k course with a slew of other familiar faces whose presence helped keep me going.  By this time, my legs finally had that extra pep in them.  As the sun peaked out from eastern horizon, I woke up at the same pace, both mentally and physically, but was getting annoyed at the constant stop and go resulting from the stoplights in uptown.  Unfortunately, since we weren't doing the standard 9-mile Colville Loop, people dropped off much earlier than I had expected and soon I was left on my own for the last 15 minutes of the run. After some solo miles, I decided to end as soon as I spotted my house, and immediately began to eat.  Now the 9-hour work day awaits me!


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