Monday, April 16, 2012

Week in Review

75 Miles
2 Doubles
15 Mile Long Run
10k Race in 36:14

Not much to report on this week except that I didn't double when I was supposed to and that I ran well at one of Charlotte's hilliest races.  Instead of doubling in the evenings, I enjoyed some very precious quality time with Garrett.  The clock is counting down to when he leaves...there's just two more weeks until he begins his season with the Evansville Otters.  As I have some other travel commitments this summer (Moving in May, Grandma's Half Marathon in June, July 4th with my sister, NYC to visit Jay and Michelle, the Olympics in August), I'm unsure of when I'll be able to visit him this summer.  Regardless, I'll be just fine!

Other activities of note this week focused on the wedding.  What turned out to be a bad idea later on, after the 10k race, Garrett and I walked over to Crate and Barrel to register for our wedding.  They still accepted me even though I was sweaty and wearing running clothes.  We even registered at Belk too.  After four hours of standing on our feet, we drove to Raleigh to pick up my mom from the airport, who's visiting for the week.  It's exciting to start thinking about wedding stuff with her here, so we're going to make the most of our time together even though I can't take off work.

Since I'm a little behind in posting my Week in Review, I want to finish by congratulating all of my friends who gutted it out to finish the Boston Marathon 2012, which "provided all the elements of a war of attrition."  Jay Holder was within a minute of his PR and ran a 2:41.  I know he's in shape to run a 2:32.  Now, he will be gunning for a fast time at Philly, which has about a 1% chance of being hot. In fact, it's more likely to be SNOWING at Philly.

Dalena Custer realized at mile 10 that it was too hot, so she made the decision to slow it down and just enjoy the experience. She's the only person I know who actually sped up in the final 10k to finish in 2:58. Scott Kennedy, Nathan Stanford, Caleb Boyd, Brad Belfiore, Allen Strickland, Justin Breland, Mike Kahn, Kevin Ballantine, and many others that I can't remember raced in such unforgettable, brutal, and awful conditions and FINISHED. Hats off to them!


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