Monday, April 2, 2012

Week in Review

75 Miles
3 Doubles
10 Mile Race in 58:38
14 hours in the car

A lower mileage week closed out with a decent 10 mile race is just what I needed.  This week started out on a pretty low note but ended with a renewed sense of direction, positivity, and energy.  Going to DC just reminded me how much I love to race. I love pushing my body and mind to limits that are not normally tested in day-to-day life.  I love competing against not only other women, but also against myself.  I love crossing the finish line, knowing that several other Charlotte girls are doing the exact same thing as me at that moment.  Throughout the entire weekend, I couldn't help but feel like I truly was a part of a team.  Dalena, Anna, Michelle, Jocelyn all genuinely care about everyone else's accomplishments, maybe even more so than their own!  Okay, maybe not THAT much, but you get my point.  Now I'm preparing for a slight down week as I'm visiting my friend Merry in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic from Thursday through Sunday.  Hopefully I'll get rid of my runner's tan while I'm there.


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