Thursday, April 19, 2012

Speed on the Speed Loop and a Burrito Sprint

am:  5x800m + 4x400m with Aaron and Paul
pm:  4 miles with 2 tacos eaten in between

2.5 mile warmup
5x800m in 2:36 (2:50), 2:36 (2:21), 2:35 (2:21), 2:36 (2:19), 2:36 (2:20), 1:15 (1:30), 1:16 (1:20), 1:15 (1:20), 1:16
2.5 miles cool down for 10-ish miles

pm:  2.5 miles, consumption of 2 Moe's Tacos, 1.2 miles probably around 5:50 pace?

As you can see, today was a test not only of my speed, but also of my intestinal fortitude.  I did learn that my stomach is pretty good at handling two tacos, but that my jaw is pretty terrible at keeping up with the pace that my hands shove food into my mouth.  But, I'll get to that later.

I started off the morning with a short and sweet speed workout with Aaron and Paul on the Dilworth 800m Speed Loop. Indeed, I skipped out on the 2 mile repeats that were on the schedule because I really didn't want to run that workout solo, which was going to be the case.  I'm really trying to have as much fun as I can during this month of April with my running and I'm doing that by getting high mileage in but doing silly races like a Moe's Burrito Dash this weekend.  May will definitely be a grind month for me as my focus will shift solely onto putting in the work to run a 1:16:xx half marathon time.

Anyways, I ran some 800s and 400s behind--key word behind--Aaron and Paul.  Even though they were pretty far ahead, I still was able to post some of the fastest times I've ever run on the 800m loop.  I gave it my all on each of the repeats and really pushed hard from 600-800m, the uphill portion of the loop.  In the end, I had practically nothing left for the 400s, and it was a struggle to will myself to run through the finish line instead of slowing to a jog just before the line.  Somehow I still posted some pretty solid times, especially on the uphill section.  Even though this was a short workout--about 3.5 miles of speed--I definitely pushed as hard as I could today.

To top the evening off just right, Thomas and I rather hastily scheduled a burrito practice run.  With the assistance of Michelle, who got us each 2 tacos to devour in the middle of a run in the 85 degree NC heat, and the fan crowd of Jaskot, Fillette, Kati, Adrienne, Jamaar, Arden, Aaron, John and my mom, we couldn't back out.  After 2.5 miles of easy running, Thomas and I picked up the pace for 400 meters before stopping at the burrito station.  Matt Jaskot handed me a taco and I shoved as much as I could in my mouth, while eying Thomas to pick up on any tactics that might also prove useful to me.  Thomas drank a sip of water after every bite.  I didn't drink any water with my first taco.  A lot of the taco ingredients fell out of my mouth.  Thomas finished eating at least ten seconds before me, so I started the sprint with a full mouth of beans and rice.  Bean juice dribbled down my chin.  A piece of rice found its way into my nasal piping.  Indeed, I probably would have been disqualified if it were the actual race.  Note to self:  eat my burrito a little bit more slowly to ensure I do NOT get disqualified.  There's $2000, $1000 or $500 on the line for this race.  All in all, it was definitely fun.  I think people captured pictures of this epic run, but they didn't post them online.  Too bad, because they would have spiced up the blog.


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