Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cut Down on the Speed Loop

8x1000m repeats with 2:00 rest

2xmile, 2x1000m, 4x400m
5:36 (2:20)
5:34 (2:20)
3:24 (1:50)
3:34 (1:50)
1:19 (1:20)
1:20 (1:20)
1:19 (1:20)
1:19 (1:21)

I'm behind on my blog by one week.  The only thing to report here is that my legs were tired for this one.  Running 5:30s felt hard.  Running 5:40s felt hard.  Legs were made of glue and wanted to stick to the asphalt of Dilworth Road West instead of bouncing elastically off the pavement.  I powered through to still get about 4.5 miles of the best effort I could give on that day, so I was happy with that.  With just one more race left in this month, I'm looking forward to getting back on the normal workout schedule of Tuesday/Friday with a quality long run on Sunday.


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