Sunday, April 8, 2012

(Dominican) Week in Review

45 Miles
2 Doubles
1 Day off
4 Days in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

I did a great job this week of taking advantage of my down week that was conveniently planned during a hiatus down to the Dominican Republic.  I didn't travel there with Garrett.  Instead, I travelled alone to meet Merry at the Puerto Plata airport, who was taking a break from her Peace Corps volunteer duties to hang out with me at an all-inclusive resort.  Did I mention that I paid $20 per person / per night?  Yes - a steal!

Treating Merry to a little slice of paradise, helping her escape the poverty-stricken campo that she now calls home, was a pleasure in itself!  It was great just making our way through conversations, bringing up whatever came to mind, and not caring if it sounded stupid, mean, lazy, or clever.  We ran early every morning (usually around 6:30am) and, afterwards, always made our way to the VIP beach to claim a beach bed.  I wish I could say that I got my money's worth in the free drinks, but I didn't.  Merry probably did. I got my money's worth in free fruit. I am not exaggerating when I say that I ate an entire pineapple each day.  It was so delicious!  While Merry and I both had plans to run more together, the allure of the resort, pristine beaches, and unlimited drinks provided absolutely no motivation to run further, so we didn't.  And that's how down weeks are supposed to be.

The beach at the resort

the beds at the resort

near the paradise island

on the way to paradise island

paradise island

how beautiful


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