Friday, September 30, 2011

3x3 Mile Repeats Success

3x3 miles at 18:00-18:15 with 3:00 rest

2 miles warmup in 16 min

3x3 mile on McAlpine 5k course (skip the hill) at:
18:07 - 608, 610, 549 (short 3rd mile) (3:40 rest)
18:14 - 602, 610, 602 (accurate 3rd mile) (3:50 rest)
17:54 - 558, 601, 554

2 mile cooldown for 13 miles total

I have been really delinquent on my blog posts.  I think this has to do with a combination of things: 
1) My boyfriend is in town and I've been spending a lot of quality time with him to make up for the 7 months that he was gone
2) I have had the CRC Newsletter to edit and publish, and it takes at least 10-15 hours to finish.
3) Work is busy!

That being said, I am finally getting around to posting about my latest workout, which was definitely a success.

David, Eric, and I decided to meet at McAlpine at 645AM for a 2 mile warmup before we began the dreaded 3x3 mile workout.  This workout requires so much mental preparation, it is exhausting!  We decided to skip the McAlpine hill and added on an extra loop around the pond.  Of course, we were wearing our Garmins, but it just so happened that we still hit all the markers, but just 400m off.  We did have to add on near the finish since the third mile is already short.  The first one was a little short, so it's more likely that we ran about 18:14 for that first one.  However, after that interval, we added on to make it a full 3 miles.

I felt pretty good on the first one and there isn't much to report from that perspective.  On the second one, my legs started to feel a bit fatigued in the last 1200 meters, but we all stuck together so the motivation to hang with the boys kept me alive.

On the third one, I could tell that David was holding back and, sure enough, after 1.5 miles, he took off to run sub-5:45s and I stayed back, thinking that I was dying.  I checked my watch at the next split and turns out I was running faster than I had on all the other repeats!  For the final mile, I focused on keeping my body tall and my thoughts positive.  It was definitely difficult as I watched the guys pull away from me, but it's days like this that help prepare me in a race, if the group I'm hanging with pulls away from me. 

After we finished the workout, we were all really pleased with how we had done and you could tell there was a feeling of amazement in the air with our accomplishment.  I definitely liked doing this workout better at McAlpine than at the Booty Loop because it provides more diverse scenery and a more tactical course. 

That morning I had terrible stomach cramps and couldn't even bring myself to eat for the first five hours afterwards.  It was pretty awful, but this feeling is pretty standard every time I do this one.  Also, this is the last time I ever have to do this workout in 2011, so that's always fun!  Soon I'll just be doing 10 mile tempos instead.


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