Friday, September 23, 2011

5 Wave Tempo Attempt

5 Mile Tempo alternating 245-250 adnd 300-305 every 800 meters


3 miles warmup to 3 mile marker at mcalpine

5 miles tempo from Miles 3-4 and then back to old bell in the dark with the wet soil and only one head lamp
250 (fast)
309 (slow)
251 fast
258 slow
253 fast
307 slow
258 supposed to be fast
310 slow
258 supposed to be fast
250 supposed to be slow for 29:53 total

2 miles cool down for 10 miles total

So yeah,  this work out is really hard.  Or maybe it's just that mentally I didn't want to put into work into this today.  It's been a killer of a week, but after this workout I decided on my drive home that I needed to let go of the noise that is stressing me out.  This little mental exercise worked well because I went into work with a better attitude and with the belief that everything was going to be alright and get completed.  I wish I had taken the time to calm my mind BEFORE the workout, but that's what learning is all about.  In these next couple of months leading up to the Trials, I really need to focus on what's best for me and, as my college coach always said, "get a little bit more selfish."  I don't mean this in a bad way, but it's really just another way of saying, stick to your own schedule and regime as to what works best for YOU. So - if I ditch you on a run to sleep in, it's probably because I'm recognizing my body needs that extra amount of sleep and I'm hoping it will mean I run one minute faster at the Trials.  Kidding, but you see where I'm going. 

So, back to this workout.  We ran the entire tempo in the dark, with the exception of the last mile.  The ground was soggy and soft, not conducive to running fast times.  It was hot and muggy, but fortunately there was a break in the rain system that has been plagueing NC with its presence.  It was difficult for me to hit the target times as I felt like I was aimlessly pounding my feet down onto invisible pavement and soft mud.   After 3 miles, Spada and Billy took off and I was left to think about how miserable I felt and how I would never again do this workout at McAlpine. I know that I would have gone faster if I hadn't gotten pissed that I had chosen McAlpine after a rainy night.  I need to focus on being mentally present during these work outs and to push through whatever physical pain I've dreamed up. 

Looking forward to a weekend of relaxation and then a 16 mile steady state on Sunday morning.


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