Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week in Review

78.5 Miles
2 Doubles
2 Workouts
17+ mile Long Run
No Abs

Marking my first real week in my new training plan, I feel like I started it on the right foot.  I completed all of my planned workouts and long runs and also hit my target mileage for this week.  Now I just need to keep things going so that when it comes time for the Army Ten Miler, I'll be able to show those Army boys what running with a girl is all about.  Can't wait!

The theme of this week wasn't about running, however. It was about spending time with loved ones as we celebrated the marriage of Jay and Lauren!  I had the honor to be one of Lauren's bridesmaids and I just wanted to make sure that I helped Lauren in any way that I could.  Not sure if I really was any help, but I do hope that I gave her any sort of support and encouragement she needed on her big day.  

Side Note:  Lauren looked absolutely STUNNING in her Casablanca gown and was so perfectly  photogenic.  She had all the looks down - happy, sultry, serious, sexy - you name it and she pulled it out of her toolkit. She also happened to provide a very loving and comical toast that made all of the wedding guests chuckle at. I'm telling you...this woman is a jack of all trades and Jay is very lucky to have chosen her as his wife.

After the toasts, the food, and the cutting of the cake, people nearly trampled each other over in a mad rush to get into the photo booth room to make sure their memory snapshot was documented in their wedding day scrapbook.  Somewhere during this time, I drank a couple of glasses wine enough to be deemed as a "train wreck" by Aaron.  I wasn't the type of train wreck that crashes into things or people or falls off track.  I was more like the train wreck who talks to too many people, compliments them too much, and dances so much I sweat so profusely that even Matt Jaskot says "caitlin, even your arm is wet."  Yeah, that kind of train wreck.  A happy one celebrating a happy communion between two close friends.  I'm sure Jay is glad that I took full advantage of his wedding shenanigans.  I know I am.

A big shout out to AJ for giving me a ride home!

Cake figurines! 

Lauren, Caitlin and Jay


jayholder8k said...

thanks so much for all the work you did at and leading up to our wedding. More importantly, thanks for being such a good friend! See you real soon!

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