Friday, September 2, 2011

3x2 Mile at McAlpine

3x2 Mile at 545-600 Pace with 2:00 Jog Rest

3.1 miles warmup in 23:40
11:44 (5:59, 5:45) (2:00 rest)
11:34 (5:47, 5:47) (2:15 rest)
11:34 (5:53, 5:41)
1.6 miles cool down in 13:20

Well this workout definitely went better than the last time I ran this back in June.  As this was my most important run for this week, I really wanted to run within the specified times.  With the company of Spada and David Willis, I was able to keep my head up and finish up strong despite finishing behind the boys.  While I'm sure Spada appreciates the view of me from behind, he had nothing to look ahead towards as he finished "first" in this workout.  

With Jay Holder back in town to get hitched, he joined a whole crew of us at McAlpine - Aaron, David, Carolyn, Mike Kahn, Spada, Billy, and more that I didn't see in the dark.  At the 400m mark by Old Bell, we approached what appeared to be a dead body.  Don't panic.  It was just Billy Shue pulling a prank even though he has strep throat which he could have acquired from running the Warrior Dash...

We enjoyed a nice warmup to the 3 mile mark and then began our workout.  The course would be to the 4 mile mark, out-and-back, for the first interval.  Then we'd run onto the course and skip the hill for the 2nd.  For the third, we ran around the lake and back to Old Bell so that someone could pull a Spada and jump immediately into his car.  David originally had mile repeats but decided that running with Spada and I would be a lot cooler.  Turns out he ran exceptionally well. Expect some fast times out of him this fall!

Spada likes to let me lead the way for most of these workouts during the beginning.  Then about halfway through our workout, he bursts ahead and I get left in the dust.  It actually is quite a good partnership because it motivates me not to fall apart and forces me to employ mental tactics.  On the first one we were all together and it didn't feel easy.  

The second one I lead the way until Spada made a move at 1 mile to make a sizable gap on me.  I struggled to hang on but somehow still managed to finish with an even split.

The last split I really struggled in the first mile as Spada and David both pulled away from me in the first 400m.  I was on the verge of crumbling apart, both mentally and physically, when I suddenly had a change of heart.  What this really means is that I started cursing at myself and telling myself to stop feeling sorry for myself.  I was able to finish my last mile as one of the fastest of the day which is always a good feeling, even if you feel like crap in the process.  

The key takeaway from this work out is that I am very lucky to have people to run with, to be injury free for an extended period of time, and to have the opportunity to exercise in this beautiful weather.  I really have no excuse to crumble apart mentally.  Whenever I start feeling down or like I can't finish a workout, I need to remember these critical elements because they cannot be taken for granted.  I need to savior each and every run leading up to the Trials because it's all about the journey!

In other news, Garrett's team was eliminated from the playoffs, so he'll be driving from upstate New York and all the way to Southern Illinois starting on Monday.  I am flying home to see him and my extended family members for an entire 9 days while still working remotely for Bank of America.  Assuming I did the math correctly in my head, that means there are only 7 days left until I see him!  Ra-ra-ra!


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